Issue 35
Nov/Dec 2008
Special Edition

Business Spotlight

The Heritage Stewardship Group has completed its first quarter of business as a new enterprise unit and we are very excited to be enterprisers and having a great time serving our clients and honing our business and service delivery skills. So far our business expectations have been met and our books are still “in the black”; we have executed 11 work orders and several amendments since coming on-line June of 2008, and have several already in the works for FY 2009.

The Heritage Stewardship Group is led by Paul Claeyssens, with Kristi Reece fulfilling the duties as the Business Director; and our professional staff consists of Breton Friel, Archaeologist, Don “Trip” Bignell, Social Science Analyst, and John Ferguson, Historian.

So far our work has taken us throughout the Pacific Northwest and we are branching out to the Rocky Mountain States, California and the Northeast. Projects have ranged from providing routine program management support and S. 106 compliance inventories, to more complex Historic American Building Survey (HABS) documentations, evaluations of historic properties to the National Register of Historic places, archaeological site testing and mitigation, as well as conducting historic assessments of mining sites and districts subject to CERCLA (clean-up/closure) actions.

If you would like to learn more about the Heritage Stewardship Group, or discuss potential projects we might help you accomplish, we encourage you to contact Paul Claeyssens at 541-383-5540,, or Kristi Reece at 360-436-1155, x113 or

Web Survey – Your Opinion Please

The Enterprising People newsletter is in its eighth year, providing information and updates about Enterprise to the Forest Service and beyond. As editor of the newsletter, I want to ensure that the newsletter content is both interesting to read and valuable to the program. Please take one minute to complete our online FSweb survey (5 questions) about Enterprising People

If you are an Enterprise partner outside the Forest Service, I invite you to send me your comments directly at Your time and opinion are greatly appreciated. -Kristi Bray, Editor, Enterprising People

Enterprising Happenings

Contact Kelly Fike of Streamline at for the following upcoming NEPA courses:

Join Toni Stafford, Program Specialist in the Enterprise Program Office, for a group training called Transforming Stress. The American Institute for Stress claims that stress is to blame for 75-90% of all doctor visits.

Contact Toni Stafford at or at 870- 447-2203 for a half day workshop on your unit or to schedule one on one training over the phone.

The Enterprise Photo Gallery is looking for new material to post. Please send your project photos to Brett Hackman at

Enterprise Program Update

FY08 Successes

Enterprise Program - Active Enterprise Units
Revenue, Expenses, and Net Operating Revenue
  FY06 FY07 FY08
Revenue $30,561,179.48 $31,280,417.59 $38,294,604.14
Expenses $29,290,833.84 $30,136,162.50 $36,954,033.17
Net Operating Revenue $1,270,345.64 $1,144,255.09 $1,340,570.97

The Enterprise Program had many successes in fiscal year 2008, two of which include: 1) Across all Enterprise Units collections (revenues) rose by 25% over FY 2007, along with positive net operating revenue, and, 2) All four of the new Enterprise Units ended the year in the black. The “Enterprise Program – Active Enterprise Units” table to the right compares, at a high level, the program’s finances over the last three fiscal years.

Measuring Success

These financial achievements are ones for which all of you can be proud. While the Enterprise Program continues to focus on financial viability, our goals are to provide an array of products and services to our clients, primarily within the agency, and to serve as a model in the way we manage and execute our work. We all know we are doing this, but how can we best display or quantify it? As I have mentioned previously, we will establish program-wide metrics. Right now we have eight metrics that focus on one of three dimensions: value, efficiency and viability, all of which lead to a more effective organization (see Enterprise Program Metrics graphic, below). We are nearly ready to roll out the metrics; once they are in place we will be able to report out program-wide how well we are doing, not only financially.

Guiding Enterprise

I have also mentioned previously we have been working on a program-wide business plan. One of the central tenets of the plan is to build off three high leverage points (places we can get the “most bang for the buck”) which we identified in the Enterprise Ecosystem model. The three leverage points are: 1) establishing partnerships with clients (as opposed to just doing a great job and moving on to the next task), 2) proactive monitoring (thus the metrics), and 3) evolution of the enterprise network. The last one is the most nebulous of the three – but I know it is already happening. Done well, collectively we can have much more of a positive impact within the Forest Service than each of us working as individual Enterprise Units. What this will look like five years from now is, to at least some degree, an unknown. That said, the business plan will help sketch out how the Enterprise Program may look in the coming years; an outline of that plan is also included in this newsletter (see Programmatic Business Plan Outline graphic, right). Fiscal year 2008 was indeed, quite a success. I am sure that this year, even with a change of administrations and continued agency transformation, will have continued successes.

~Bill Helin, Director, Enterprise Program

Project Highlight: CASH

The National Forest Adventure Pass is an all-in-one regional pass covering four southern California national forests, including the San Bernardino, Cleveland, Angeles, and Los Padres. Nearly $3,500,000 in annual sales are controlled and processed through the headquarters office located on the San Bernardino NF.

"The best aspect of this project is the people in the field solving problems - employees with initiative to figure out how to work more efficiently and their seeking out technology to help them."

- Laura Nance,
Software Engineer/Unit Leader,
Digital Visions Enterprise Unit

In 2002, the Adventure Pass program design team and Board of Directors (4 southern California Forest Supervisors) brought the Digital Visions Enterprise Unit on board to help design and write technology that would assist the four national forests with mass sales, inventory tracking, collections management, and revenue distribution.

The Collections and Sales Handling program (CASH) was created and is now the electronic cornerstone of how recreation passes are sold and tracked. Developed in 2002, CASH is built for the FSweb, meaning any collection officer with a CASH account can process a sale or transfer of accountable property at anytime. CASH tracks inventory and accountability for the life of a recreation pass, which starts with the master inventory at the San Bernardino headquarters. As passes are shipped to the 22 Forest Service offices and 150 private vendors, operating nearly 400 sales outlets, CASH tracks the sales or transfers, instantly adjusting the inventory. Payments are tracked and applied to the correct forest job codes. All transactions are documented for collection officers and future audit purposes. The CASH technology is now being used by the Tonto National Forest and the Sequoia National Forest.

For more information regarding CASH or Digital Visions Enterprise Unit, please contact Laura Nance at

Recreation Solutions Offers New Service

Recreation Solutions Enterprise Unit has chosen to expand into the world of Special Uses, which encompasses many different types of uses on National Forest System lands. These uses include vacation cabins, private camps, waterlines, powerlines, roads, communication uses, recreation events, and outfitter and guide services such as hiking, horseback trips, rafting, kayaking, fishing, and hunting, to name a few. With declining budgets and personnel shortages, forests can
now utilize the services of Recreation Solutions to meet their management goals, complete their projects, and satisfy the needs of the public. This enterprise unit can take a project from start to finish. This includes meeting with the permit holder or applicant, researching compliance with that forest’s management plan, meeting with the forest specialists, to obtain their input, completing the NEPA process, including Decision Memos, Environmental Assessments, or Capacity Analysis, preparing the Special Use Permit in the SUDS database, preparing the Bill for Collection, and obtaining the
appropriate signatures. With the advent of Special Uses Cost Recovery, Forests can enter into an agreement with Recreation Solutions, and have the permit holder or applicant pay for the process of receiving a new permit or monitoring of an existing permit. Recreation Solutions can relieve the backlog of Special Uses and Right-of-Way acquisition at the forest level.

For more information on this new service, please contact Recreation Solutions’ Lorraine Gerchas at 530.647.5390.

Change Through Exchange: A Website with Opportunities to Explore, Exchange, and Excel

The Forest Service continues to change – whether it’s in human resources, budget and finance, or the Chief Information Office – we have all been touched by the uncertainty of these times. To some, change is stressful and overwhelming. To others, change can mean new opportunities and new ways of doing business more efficiently. Or it could be a bit of both. No matter where you fall in the whole scheme of change, the Change Through Exchange website is a resource ready to offer tools to help you explore, exchange, and excel.

Change Through Exchange offers opportunities for you to explore new techniques to cope or embrace change, exchange your experiences or simply read what others have shared on “Postcards from the Edge of Transformation” or excel and pledge to become change savvy and make a difference on your unit today!

Change is inevitable and out of our hands. What we can control is how we respond to those changes. Are you ready to Explore, Exchange, or Excel? Stop by Change Through Exchange and find out.

Holiday Safety Tips

Drive With Safety In Mind
Don’t drive until everyone in your vehicle has buckled up. Give the road your full attention. It takes only a moment’s distraction for a collision to occur. Drive defensively—expect other motorists to do the unexpected.

Celebrate With Joy And Safety
Chose toys with child safety in mind: nontoxic, durable, and free of small parts, rough edges and sharp projections. Check holiday lights for frayed or worn wires and cracked sockets and plugs. If damaged, replace them. Blow out candles and unplug holiday lights before leaving home and at bedtime. Practice moderation: avoid overindulgence in food and drink.

Warm Up The Year With Wellness
Balance pleasures of the season with your need to exercise, eat right and rest. Celebrate with others, but carve out quiet moments alone, as well. Strive for moderation, especially with tempting foods and alcohol at holiday parties.

From the Editor

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