Issue 34
July 2008

Business Spotlight

The Above and Beyond Ecosystems Enterprise Unit (A&B) was recently formed by Tim Holden and Blaze Baker. Neither Tim nor Blaze is new to the Forest Service or Enterprise Program. Prior to enterprising Tim worked in Regions 1, 4 and 6 and Blaze worked in Region 5. Recently Tim and Blaze worked with the TEAMS Enterprise Unit (EU) for seven and six years respectively, and while there they gained experience in all other FS regions.

The Above and Beyond Ecosystems EU has plans to grow to about 9 staff covering multiple biological and physical resource areas. Their core work is focused on restoration and conservation plans and projects. The Above and Beyond team has the ability to develop specialist reports, environmental analysis, and management planning, especially for restoration and conservation proposals.

In addition, A&B is working towards developing a computer-based application to rate projects and aggregate funds for conservation and restoration projects tentatively called EcoMatch. This application will allow FS employees to post projects in need of funding and as a project becomes fully funded from multiple sources it can be implemented. The core team that performs billable work would be the same team that manages and rates the projects posted on EcoMatch.

If you want to get in touch with Tim or Blaze, feel free to call or email Tim: 559- 920-5515 or Blaze: 559-779-6559.

Enterprise Program Update

There are three things I want to highlight in this issue: the licensing of four new Enterprise Units, introducing Terry Whitley, our HRL, and initial plans for an all-Enterprise Program annual meeting.

First, you may know by now the great news that we have four newly licensed Enterprise Units (EUs). All of them have “hit the ground running”. They are: Above and Beyond Ecosystems, Enterprise Technical Services, Heritage Stewardship Group, and Safety Systems Enterprises. A&B is highlighted in this edition; others will be written-up in subsequent issues. Added to the other current EUs there are now seventeen Enterprise Units. The EU directory has been updated and can be found on our intranet site: It’s exciting to have them fully operational!

Second, you may or may not know that all Forest Service units have a Human Resource Liaison (HRL) who assists in all things related to HR. Terry Whitley had been assisting the Enterprise Program on a temporary basis. It is now official that we will share him on a permanent basis with the Ozark NF. For those of you who have had the opportunity to work with Terry you know he is not only a gentleman but he gets things done. Having him help us out in the HR world is good news for us.

Third, there is broad consensus among the Business Leads to have an all Enterprise Program annual meeting. It would likely be held at the end of March or early April 2009; the venue is not yet known. It is very early in the process; no details or agenda items have yet been discussed. If you have thoughts about this meeting I suggest you contact your respective Business Lead. It is unlikely we will do this often so I’d ask all of you to think about how we can create a meeting that will be both fun and productive.

Wishing you all an enjoyable and safe summer.

~Bill Helin, Director, Enterprise Program

Your Computer

When You Move or are Scheduled for a Replacement
The Chief Information Office (CIO) has posted current business rules to the CIO website detailing new rules for ‘when an employee moves’. Employees will no longer take their existing computers when moving to a new job.

There are two exceptions to be aware of:

  1. If a particular computer was provided to an employee for reasonable accommodation, the employee will take the computer to the new duty station.

  2. If an employee is moving and the job position is moving with the employee, the employee will take the computer. For example the employee may be in a virtual or 'detached' position.

In addition, the CIO has initiated its four year computer replacement cycle for 2008. Region, station, and area management have been engaged in the new replacement process and units are being selected and dates set for replacements. Information about the new replacement process, site schedules and current business rules may be found on the CIO website.

EUP Meets in Sacramento

In June 2008 the Enterprise Unit Partnership (EUP) met in Sacramento, CA for a two-day team development session to revisit its purpose and clarify roles and working procedures. The EUP comprises the leads or co-leads of each licensed Enterprise Unit. With the recent licensing of four new EUs, the meeting was a timely way to bring new members on board and re-energize the existing membership to work together toward its shared purpose:

“… to strengthen Enterprise Unit Leader networks
and to provide a voice for promoting
our collective interests.”

This year’s EUP Executive Board members include:

For more information about the EUP, please contact Melissa Marosy at

NEPA Courses Offered by Streamline

Registration for NEPA sessions offered by Streamline Enterprise will open in mid-September when units have FY09 job codes. Those folks interested in 1900-01 or advanced FPI Toolbox shortcourses listed below are encouraged to email or phone Streamline Unit Leader, Kelly Fike, and be added to his contact list. In September, Kelly will be contacting all those on his list with the opportunity to register for class (including all R5 District Rangers and Environmental Coordinators). Kelly can be reached at (916) 640-1280 or

Streamline NEPA courses include:

  • Forest Plan Implementation 1900-01, November 17-21, 2008, South Lake Tahoe
  • FPI Toolbox Module 1 - "Project Initiation," December 2-3, 2008, Folsom
  • FPI Toolbox Module 2 - "Public Scoping Under NEPA," December 3-4, 2008, Folsom
  • Forest Plan Implementation 1900-01, January 12-16, 2009, San Diego
  • Forest Plan Implementation 1900-01, February 9-13, 2009, Redding
  • Forest Plan Implementation 1900-01, Mar 30 - Apr 3, 2009, Folsom
  • FPI Toolbox Module 3 - "Issues & Alternatives," April 21-22, 2009, Folsom
  • FPI Toolbox Module 4 - "Effects in EAs," April 22-23, 2009, Folsom

Contact Kelly Fike at for details.

From the Editor

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