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Enterprise Program Update

As things have progressed these last few months, I feel a new chapter is now unfolding for the Enterprise Program (EP). Three examples of this new chapter really stand out. First, there is a good probability we will have new Enterprise Units functioning as early as this summer. On May 13, the Steering Committee listened to presentations by the six proponents and will now make recommendations on which should be licensed.

Second, there has been another Enterprise Unit (EU) transition, this time in ACT2. In the twenty months I have been with the EP this is the fifth EU to have had a change in at least one of the original business leads. On April 25, Annie Buma and Judy Hahn retired from the Forest Service. Like other business leads who moved on to new adventures in their respective lives, Annie and Judy were pioneers in the EP and helped make ACT2 what it is today. Also like other EUs, ACT2 has highly capable folks who are taking the EU forward. Fran Smith and Sandee Attebery are filling in behind Annie and Judy, with the support of the entire ACT2 staff. It’s great to see.

Third, in the coming months we will finalize an Enterprise Program-wide business plan; a plan that tiers off our strategic plan, which was signed by the Chief. The business plan is still in process as the training for the new EUs has been a higher priority. I plan to have the business plan completed by the end of this fiscal year. The plan will, in part, be informed by the enterprise ecosystem model. This model, also known as the “spaghetti diagram”, is the one that staff from Boeing helped us create; it is on our intranet site, http://fsweb.wo.fs.fed.us/enterpriseprogram/ enterprising-ecosystem-model.php.

Last, but certainly not least, I recently had the privilege to be at both the TEAMS and Recreation Solutions annual meetings. In a virtual organization it is a challenge to meet face to face. These meetings totally energized me and I really appreciated the chance to meet many enterprisers for the first time and hear about the important work you do. Well done! As ever, in going about your business, be safe out there.

~Bill Helin, Director, Enterprise Program

Enterprising Ideas?

Got an idea about how to improve the Enterprise Program? Maybe you have a question about how it all works. Let us know! Feel free to email Enterprise Director, Bill Helin at enterprise-program@fs.fed.us. Bill will respond personally to your comments and questions.

New Marketing Materials Available

The Enterprise Program has developed and printed several new marketing pieces to help raise awareness and understanding about Enterprise. The new brochure, directory, and update of FY07 activities are located on the Enterprise FSWeb site.

Throughout the materials, three primary talking points are included:

In an effort to introduce or reintroduce the Enterprise Program, these new marketing materials are being sent out to every Forest Supervisor accompanied by a memo from Enterprise Director, Bill Helin. Enterprisers should be aware of this and, as appropriate, follow-up with relevant line and staff officers on the national forests.

Complimenting these materials will be a Project Highlights document, briefly touching on the work accomplished in FY07. The highlights document will be found on both the FSWeb and WWW Enterprise sites. Since highlighting all the work we do is a priority, both websites will also feature full length highlights expanding on the great detail, time, commitment, and skills that are applied to Enterprise project work.

Postcard Worth a Thousand Reply-Alls

By Toni Stafford, Business Operations Transformation Team

Over the past months there have been several spontaneous outpourings of stress and frustration in the form of "reply-all" answers to outreach notices. Amidst the joking and complaining there is valuable feedback about our operations and our morale. Perhaps the most obvious feedback provided by this spontaneous phenomenon is the need for employees to vent, commiserate, laugh, and cry about life in the Forest Service. That's why we've created a web forum called “Postcards from the Edge of Transformation” on the Change Through Exchange website. You should check it out. Folks have been sharing some very interesting things there. And what's even better is that these Postcards won't clog up your inboxes.

Reminder for Photos

For many Enterprisers, field season is upon us. This means we are out in the woods working on trails, training employees, planting trees, etc. Great work, worth a thousand words! Grab those digital cameras as you head out of the office and submit your unit’s photos to Brett Hackman at bhackman@fs.fed.us. The photos will be posted to the Enterprise Photo Gallery.

TEAMS team members Rory Bean &Paul Gilbert, working a plot for the Department of Defense West Point timber inventory project. Paul Gibert, TEAMS Enterprise Team member, writing down measurements of a large Red Oak tree for the Department of Defense West Point Timber Inventory Project. TEAMS member Paul Gilbert, working at the West Point Military Academy for the Department of Defense completing a timber inventory project. Here is a photo of Colin  Dillingham,  HFQLG Monitoring Team Leader for Ecologist, Vegetation Management Solutions, in Quincy, California identifying mosses with a microscope in support of the Botany Program of the Inyo National Forest for Wilderness Grazing Permit Assessment Support. Here is a photo of Colin Dillingham and Lauren Payne navigating with a GPS unit to a Treated Stand Structure Monitoring unit in the Canyon Dam Project on the Mt Hough Ranger District of the Plumas National Forest

Identification Card Email Not Spam

If you receive an e-mail from HSPD12Admin@eds.com with a subject line of USAccess - Sponsorship Complete, it is a legitimate message. It is from a USDA contractor working with the Forest Service HSPD-12 staff to issue the LincPass, a new federal identification card. These cards will eventually be used for access to buildings and computer systems.

If you receive an e-mail, please do not delete it. It explains the process for obtaining the LincPass. Follow the instructions to get your new ID card. If you deleted the e-mail, contact the HSPD-12 branch to confirm if your name has been “released to the GSA portal.” The HSPD-12 staff will be able to advise you on how to proceed.

To reach the HSPD-12 branch, call the ASCHCM at 877.372.7248, press 2 for HCM and then ask to speak to someone in HSPD-12. You may also send an e-mail to: personnelsecurity@fs.fed.us. For more information, go to USDA’s HSPD-12 web site.

From the Editor

Enterprising People is a bi-monthly newsletter focusing on Enterprise teams and their partners. Partners and Enterprisers are encouraged to share topics and ideas or join our electronic mailing list by contacting editor Kristi Bray at kabray@fs.fed.us. Thanks You!

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