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United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Enterprise Program

United States Department of Agriculture USDA Forest Service Enterprise Program

Enterprise Program Offers a
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Enterprise Units are Forest Service resources that offer an internal choice for the accomplishment of the agency’s work. These teams of dedicated Forest Service employees operate as independent, financially self-sustaining units funded by the clients/customers who benefit from the products and services they offer. There are currently 14 Enterprise Units offering a wide range of offerings and employees located across the nation.

As the Enterprise Program enters its second decade exciting changes are in the wind. Explore the Enterprise Program Web site to learn more about this innovative program and how Enterprisers can help you care for the land and serve people!

Interested in the work Enterprisers are accomplishing in your area and beyond? We invite you to browse through our Regional Highlights – each featuring the valuable skills and expertise that can be found through the Forest Service Enterprise Program.

  • TEAMS Enterprise Unit Works with the City of New York

    Working together over the course of several months TEAMS and the New York City Department of Environmental Protection finalized an agreement to provide professional inventory and planning services. These services include forest stand delineation of approximately 14,000 acres of recently acquired forested lands, and a comprehensive inventory of approximately 94,000 acres. In addition, TEAMS will complete a comprehensive Forest Management Plan that will provide direction for practical, sustainable, science-based management of City lands consistent with the City's efforts to protect public health and ecological integrity through source water protection. Learn more about TEAMS Enterprise
  • Enterpriser Honored with Award

    The American Recreation Coalition (ARC) awarded Laurie Thorpe the 2009 Legends Award. Laurie, who leads Independent Resources Enterprise Unit and who has been on a year-long detail as the Acting Director for Recreation, Heritage and Wilderness Resources in the Southwestern Region (R3), was recognized by ARC for having integrated recreation into the mission of the agency by providing ideas, resources, and support for the National Recreation Strategy. That work was based, in part, on the work Independent Resources pioneered with the award winning Recreation Facility Analysis, a process assisting forests in prioritizing their recreation facility investments. Learn more about Independent Resources
  • DV develops Sustainability Tools for a "GREENER" Forest Service

    Digital Visions LISO Screenshot

    Digital Visions has teamed up with Sustainable Operations, the Western Collective and National Fleet Management to develop web-based tools that Forest Service employees can use to: Help make greener decisions when purchasing; Share and learn about Green projects happening across the FS; Report on Green and Climate Change Scorecard actions; Track statistics on energy, water and vehicle usage; Compare Greenhouse Gas emissions, mpg, and other information on vehicles, Help reduce our FS environmental footprint, And more! Learn more about Digital Visions

  • Enterprisers Honored with Award

    The Coalition for Recreational Trails gave their 2009 Recreational Trails Program Achievement Award to a partnership between Trails Unlimited Enterprise Unit, the Sam Houston National Forest, the Texas Off-Highway Vehicle Program of the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, and the members of the Trails Riders of Houston. The award was for the restoration of the Sam Houston Multiple Use Trail System. The partnership between these groups was developed to restore a largely user made trail system which, through decades of heavy use and because of some fundamental trail design and construction problems, was in need of major restoration. Learn more about Trails Unlimited
  • Heritage Stewardship Group

    Through the development of practical, user-friendly Historic Property Management Plans (HPMPs), Heritage Stewardship Group (HSG) Enterprise Unit is helping facility managers and engineers, maintenance staff, and heritage personnel make sound decisions regarding preservation, restoration, rehabilitation, and routine maintenance of cultural resources. HSG completed an HPMP for the Winthrop Ranger Station, a historically and architecturally significant Depression-era building group located in Washington's Methow Valley Ranger District. The plan will serve as a comprehensive guide for future treatments to the facility and will enable the district to achieve its long-term goals of stewardship and historic preservation. Learn more about Heritage Stewardship Group
  • Discovery Channel "Discovers" AMSET

    The producers of the Discovery Channel’s Raging Planet Series caught wind of Adaptive Management Services Enterprise Team’s (AMSET) fire behavior research on active wildfires with its Fire Behavior Assessment Team (FBAT). Discovery Channel recently contacted the group requesting use of video footage for an episode dedicated to lightning and its impacts, including the California Lightning Fires of 2008. The footage was desirable to the film producers who were interested in the unique and visually dramatic images of wildfire, but they agreed to AMSET’s request that the display was tempered with an accompanying message that fire is a necessary component in healthy forest ecosystems. Learn more about AMSET online and learn about their fire behavior research and much more!
  • Above and Beyond (A&B) Ecosystems Enterprise Team

    Above and Beyond (A&B) Ecosystems Enterprise Team completed effectiveness surveys of weed and erosion control measures that were put in place following two fires on the Los Padres National Forest. Members of A&B Ecosystems inventoried and reported on over 50 miles of dozer line, helispots, roads, safety and staging areas, and drop points in the Chalk Fire and the Basin/Indians Complex. Learn more about Above and Beyond (A&B) Ecosystems Enterprise Team

  • Recreation Solutions Enterprise Unit

    Recreation Solutions Enterprise Unit joined the Cleveland National Forest in developing the interpretation and signs in place at the Mt. Palomar Observatory. One of the essential ingredients for effective use of their powerful telescope is a totally dark night sky. The forest protects that dark sky from encroaching development. Recent road improvement just below the observatory presented an opportunity to highlight that message with interpretive signs. Three signs were installed at a convenient wayside area offering education and contemplation to the many visitors that drive the road each year. Learn more about Recreation Solutions Enterprise Unit

  • Mountain Heritage Associates (MHA) and TEAMS Enterprise Unit

    Mountain Heritage Associates (MHA) and TEAMS Enterprise Unit archaeologists worked with the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit to conduct post-fire cultural resources surveys and site damage assessments, and to prepare a report of the findings following the 2007 Angora Fire. Quick action helped crews determine whether 11 existing and 8 newly found cultural resources were in danger of impending erosion. Crews moved into the 1,638-acre burned area, finding the state of the sites to be either stable, partially burned, or unburned. In their 2009 final report, MHA and TEAMS archaeologists recommended that the sites would be best avoided during ecological restoration. Learn more about TEAMS Enterprise

  • ACT2 Enterprise Unit

    ACT2 Enterprise Unit joined the Lolo National Forest to complete the Chippy Creek Fire Salvage Environmental Assessment. The Chippy Creek fire burned approximately 99,000 acres, including 47,500 acres of National Forest lands. The purpose of the project was to recover economic value from merchantable burned timber while meeting a portion of the forest's timber production target. More than 80 design criteria were established, utilizing public input to minimize impacts, meet social concerns, and produce a proposal that would be environmentally, technically, and economically feasible. Natural post-fire conditions, old-growth areas, and large legacy trees and snags were retained. Learn more about ACT2 Enterprise Unit

  • Safety Systems Enterprises (SSE)

    Safety Systems Enterprises (SSE) partnered with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Federal Aviation Administration, and OSHA to investigate a 2008 aviation accident on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Referred to as the Iron 44 incident, the accident claimed the lives of 9 firefighters and aircrew. SSE provides the chief investigator who will be the "qualified technical investigator" on the Forest Service team. In a 13-month period, SSE also provided the chief investigator on two other aviation mishaps providing information for determination of safety measures to enhance future flight support for Region 5 and national firefighting efforts. Learn more about Safety Systems Enterprises (SSE)

  • ACT2 Enterprise Unit

    ACT2 Enterprise Unit assisted the Nebraska National Forests and Grasslands (NNF) with a Travel Management Environmental Assessment (EA) and Travel Management Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Controversy over implementation of the Travel Management Rule on the NNF has been quite high since the project began. ACT2 participated in public meetings to refine the proposed action, develop alternatives, and gather input for the decision. ACT2 has provided consistency for the process, produced the draft EIS and analysis maps, and processed the 300 comment letters on the draft EIS. Currently, finishing adjustments are being made to the final EIS to complete the record of decision. Learn more about ACT2 Enterprise Unit

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