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About Us

"I feel like ETS is an extension of me, doing the work that I would do if I could be in the field; only better!"

Walt Sternke
R8 Enviormental Engineer

Professional Services

Aquatic Organism Passage (AOP) Help

“Comprehensive services from site surveys; NEPA compliance; project design; contract preparation; contract administration”

Habitat fragmentation is an important factor contributing to population declines of many fish and other aquatic organisms. We are experts in locating, designing, and constructing stream crossing structures that provide free and unrestricted movement for all swimming or crawling aquatic species.

Project Implementation Help

“Representing your mission and interests through construction”

Enterprise Technical Services provides inspectors and contracting officer’s representatives to public land agencies for facility, road, and environmental projects. We are experts in government contracting and provide mission- driven oversight. We represent your interests and those of the public we serve.

Environmental Compliance Help

“Helping you meet the laws, regulations and other requirements to which you subscribe”

Whether you are just trying to provide a drinking fountain to visitors, construct a road, or clean up a hazardous mess created by someone else, there are many Federal, State and local regulatory requirements to meet, not to mention agreements with partners and voluntary requirements such as LEED certification. We are compliance experts and will provide innovative and effective solutions and services.

Bridge Inspection Help

"Road bridge, trail bridges, major, minor, complex? ETS has the staff to meet your needs"

Road bridges have a required 2 year inspection cycle and trail bridges require inspections at least every 5 years. ETS has the personnel who meet the Bridge Inspection Team Leader requirements per National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS). Minor trail bridges, those that are less than 20 feet, require condition assessment by a person trained and qualified to perform TRACS surveys. ETS can provide National Trail Bridge Inspection Training Classes.

Facility Design and Management Help

“Helping you create, fix, and maintain your buildings, roads, and other facilities”

One time large construction projects can create a strain on your organization and “staffing up” does not make sense long term with your budget. You may have a unique facility that requires someone with a specific certification or training to operate, maintain, or fix. Or with retirements and current budgets you just need help with what you can delegate – like facility and road inspections, preparing designs and contract packages, and data management. We can help.


As a virtual workforce, Enterprise Technical Services personnel work at new and different project sites with unique job hazards. Our commitment to quality includes a commitment to the safety to each other and our clients. We work with local managers to insure proper Job Hazard Analysis; communication; check-in; and emergency response procedures are followed.


Our Mission

Enterprise Technical Services (ETS) provides highly qualified, engineering and related technical skills to Forest Service units and other governmental organizations. We are experts in engineering and related services that require specific technical certifications difficult for Forest Service units to fund or maintain within their staff, such as environmental engineers, contracting officer representatives (COR), and structural engineers. ETS also provides training and mentoring for people from ethnically diverse backgrounds in technical skill professions for lifelong careers in public service.

Our Vision

ETS will become a critical component in the Forest Service’s overall ability to meet congressional, Federal, and state regulatory requirements; financial accountability requirements; and goals for maintaining a diverse workforce in technical skill areas.

Our Commitment to Quality

Enterprise Technical Services is the only Forest Service Enterprise Unit with a quality management plan in place. We follow the principles and practices of ISO 9001; we are a prevention based organization that is aligned, managed, and controlled in a manner that prevents quality problems from happening. The objectives we are focused on include financial management; safety and emergency response in a virtual work environment; human systems; and reduction of errors and omissions in estimates and deliverables.

Enterprise Technical Services seeks out partnerships with other Enterprise Units; provides detail opportunities to people in technical skill areas on other units and hires recent Forest Service retirees as contractors. The Chugach National Forest projects exemplify our partnership approach to accomplishing work. The team at the Grandview Whistle Stop includes Alaska Railroad personnel; detailers from the Chugach and Tongass National Forests; ETS personnel; recent Forest Service retirees; and client staff. Not included in the picture are team members from the TEAMS and Heritage Stewardship Group Enterprise Units.

ETS Policy Statement

It is the policy of Enterprise Technical Services (ETS) to provide a range of technical skill services which is reliable and consistent with the expectations and certification and other requirements of our clients.

The ETS objective of consistent high quality performance is met according to the principles of Quality Assurance and by mandatory adherence to Forest Service Handbook and Manual, OSHA, and other regulatory protocols, through staff training, personal responsibility for all personnel, and the provision of adequate resources.

ETS aims to support these commitments by the use of a Quality Management System which will be reviewed to assess its effectiveness and opportunities for continual improvement.

ETS Employee safety & emergency response objective

In a virtual and frequently changing work environment, ETS employees, temporary employees (detailers), and anyone conducting work on behalf of ETS, understand the safety requirements, potential hazards, and required equipment or safety protocols for the product or services assigned to them and comply with safety requirements. Clients are aware of the presence of ETS employees, detailers, and anyone conducting work on behalf of ETS on their unit; the approximate location and schedule for work; and have emergency contact information for the ETS employee, detailer, and anyone conducting work on behalf of ETS.

ETS Financial management objective

At any given time, the leading indicator data (information on salary, travel, purchases, and human systems), trailing indicator data (NFC records, or other Federal or Forest Service corporate data), and the status of current work orders and agreements is readily available for managing projects and the organization. Clients and stakeholders trust ETS as an organization through transparent financial management systems and frequent communication of information.

ETS Human systems objective

The customers, employees, temporary employees (detailers), and anyone conducting work on behalf of ETS, are fully engaged with Enterprise Technical Services and contribute to our sustained organic growth.

ETS Overall Quality Objective

ETS fulfills customer expectations regarding quality according to service and project specifications, delivery efficiency, service and project controls, and customer service.

Our customers will view ETS as efficient, cost effective, and reliable; and therefore use our services again and again.

Within the Enterprise Technical Services Enterprise Team, we foster and demonstrate our corporate values regarding respect for our clients, each other, and the public we serve. In this image, Unit Executive Officer Lisa Whitcomb and structural engineer Eleanor Oman carry a soil sample out of the Spencer Whistle Stop trail bridge location for geotechnical analysis.

Our Value Statement

We believe our first responsibility is to our customers who rely on our products and services. Everything we do must be of high quality. We must strive constantly to reduce our costs as efficient use of tax payer dollars and in order to maintain reasonable prices for our products and services. We recognize our Forest Service sponsorship and maintain the image of the built environment and quality reflective of the agency in the public work we accomplish.

We are responsible to each other and ourselves. Everyone must be considered as an individual with merit and we treat each other with respect, dignity, and care. People have a sense of security about their job. Hard work, performance, and customer service are rewarded. Everyone feels free to make suggestions and complaints. Individual differences are acknowledged and accepted as part of a diverse workforce and we address conflict in a pro-active and effective manner.

We are responsible to the public land for which our products and services are obtained. We encourage sound environmental conservation, sustainable design and construction materials, and use of best management practices. Our products and services make efficient use of natural resources and we strive to reduce waste, redundancy, and use of non-renewable, non-biodegradable materials.


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