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"I feel like ETS is an extension of me, doing the work that I would do if I could be in the field; only better!"

Walt Sternke
R8 Enviormental Engineer

Professional Services

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Bridge Inspection Help
"Road bridge, trail bridges, major, minor, complex? ETS has the staff to meet your needs"
Road bridges have a required 2 year inspection cycle and trail bridges require inspections at least every 5 years. ETS has the personnel who meet the Bridge Inspection Team Leader requirements per National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS). Minor trail bridges, those that are less than 20 feet, require condition assessment by a person trained and qualified to perform TRACS surveys. ETS can provide National Trail Bridge Inspection Training Classes.

Facility Design and Management Help
“Helping you create, fix, and maintain your buildings, roads, and other facilities”
One time large construction projects can create a strain on your organization and “staffing up” does not make sense long term with your budget. You may have a unique facility that requires someone with a specific certification or training to operate, maintain, or fix. Or with retirements and current budgets you just need help with what you can delegate – like facility and road inspections, preparing designs and contract packages, and data management. We can help.

Project Implementation Help
“Representing your mission and interests through construction”
Most Forest Service units have downsized or eliminated their Construction & Maintenance crews, but the need for a ‘Forest Service option’ in implementing construction or maintenance projects is still there. Floods, hurricanes, and fires often cause damage to roads and facilities that need to be addressed before contracts can be awarded. Enterprise Technical Services provides inspectors and contracting officer’s representatives to public land agencies for facility, road, and environmental projects. We are experts in government contracting and provide mission- driven oversight.

Aquatic Organism Passage (AOP) Help
“Comprehensive services from site surveys; NEPA compliance; project design; contract preparation; contract administration”
Habitat fragmentation is an important factor contributing to population declines of many fish and other aquatic organisms. We are experts in locating, designing, and constructing stream crossing structures that provide free and unrestricted movement for all swimming or crawling aquatic species.

Environmental Compliance Help
“Helping you meet the laws, regulations and other requirements to which you subscribe”
Whether you are just trying to provide a drinking fountain to visitors, construct a road, or clean up a hazardous mess created by someone else, there are many Federal, State and local regulatory requirements to meet, not to mention agreements with partners and voluntary requirements such as LEED certification. We are compliance experts and will provide innovative and effective solutions and services.



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