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ETS staff members Frank Leoni, Karen Bower, Richard Mora, and Eleanor Oman

are currently on assignment in Las Vegas, NV working diligently on

Spring Mountains National Recreation Area (SMNRA) Capital Improvements Team.

SMNRA Capital Improvements Team is in the process of reconstructing multiple

recreation facilities as well as constructing a new visitor’s center. The projects are

in various phases of implementation ranging from early contracting to open for

business. This SMNRA team is being recognized for their continuing work to keep

accessibility a top priority during all phases of project development, from conception

and design through implementation!

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Engineering and recreation innovations for public land agencies

Driven by Your mission to Help You

Enterprise Technical Services is a Forest Service Enterprise Unit providing engineering and related technical services to public land agencies throughout the United States and the world.

How can we make you successful in Your Mission?

Enterprise Technical Services (ETS) civil engineer Eleanor Oman manages our bridges and structures services. Eleanor co-leads a project for the Chugach National Forest in Alaska that includes construction of a new trail bridge at Spencer Glacier Whistle Stop.


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