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Consultation & Coaching

Conflict Prevention
Team development

Team tune-ups
Meeting facilitation

Conflict Resolution
Group conflict resolution
Interest-based bargaining

ADR Program Management

"Melissa helped us identify problems some of us did not know existed. Every work group should go through an annual tune-up with Melissa."
Senior Dispatcher
Yreka Interagency Communication Center

"It never ceases to amaze me that Melissa's creative and intuitive skill facilitates resolution of some of the most tenuous, volatile, and seemingly hopeless interpersonal conflicts."
Rene Wood, Human Resources Officer
Lassen National Forest

"After participating as a union representative at many of Melissa's mediations involving complex issues over the course of a decade, I have come to expect nothing but a positive outcome when she is involved."
Ron Howard, Union Steward
Forest Service Local 1771

"I have worked with a number of mediators through the years, and I would definitely include Ms. Marosy among the most advanced and highly skilled of those I have experienced."
Leigh Beck, Director
State and Private Forestry
Pacific Southwest Region, USDA-FS
EEO Resolving Official

Creative Conflict Resolution

[Photo]: Melissa Marosy

Specializing in conflict prevention & resolution in the government workplace since 1996.

Let Melissa's calm manner & collaborative approach steer you clear of the rocks and guide you through stormy situations to anchor in smoother waters!

Melissa has the qualities and skills needed to help parties develop collaborative, long-lasting working agreements, leading to improved job satisfaction, increased productivity and a more positive work environment for all.

  • Her calm, patient demeanor puts parties at ease.
  • Her high standards of professionalism and impartiality foster trust.
  • Her extraordinary listening skills help parties understand and relate to each other.
  • Her sharp analytical skills help identify issues of concern.
  • Her strong belief in self determination guides parties to create their own resolutions.
  • Her expertise in many styles and techniques allows her to adapt her approach to meet your needs.

Melissa's credentials contribute to her success & yours!

  • Over 95 percent of her clients would work with her again and recommend her to others.
  • Over 400 successful interventions
  • Over 400 hours of advanced training
  • ACR Advanced Workplace Mediator
  • Certified Transformative Mediator
  • Approved EEOC Mediator
  • Trained EEOC Mediator

Melissa Marosy

USDA Forest Service
530-406-0300 office
530-945-4860 cell

Download Brochure! [556kb pdf]

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