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Francine Smith
Executive Officer

SanDee Attebery
Executive Officer

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Francine Smith

Francine Smith - Executive Officer/Fisheries Biologist

Fran serves as the Executive Officer for the Watershed Systems Section of ACT2. Fran has a life-long passion for the outdoors and began her career with the National Park Service. She has over 27 years experience in natural resources, fisheries, wildlife, and public coordination with over 21 years with the Forest Service. Her experiences range from developing interpretive programs and materials, pest management planning, field biology, habitat and species surveying, and endangered species consultation, to NEPA and team leadership. She was the aquatic biologist on the Klamath National Forest Ecosystem Assessment Team, which developed integrated techniques for analyzing landscapes and developing land management options. This approach, along with systems thinking has remained the focal point of her professional aspirations. Fran has a Bachelors of Science degree in entomology and graduate work in fisheries biology.

Contact: 530-925-4913

SanDee AtteberySanDee Attebery - Executive Officer/Financial Planner

SanDee is the director of business operations and serves as the financial officer for ACT2 Enterprise Unit. She has been working for the Forest Service since 1978 and has extensive experience in budget, financial planning, accounting, administering special uses, permitting processes and auditing gross revenue on land use summaries. SanDee began her career in timber resources preparing timber sale contracts, issuing forest product permits, and coding and monitoring timber sale statements of account. SanDee has also worked as a timber resource technician and as head sawyer at J. Herbert Stone Tree Nursery preparing seedlings for packaging and shipment.

Contact: 530-925-2883

Canyon of the Ancients BLM SignShelly Dyke - Environmental Coordinator/Wildlife Biologist

Shelly has 16 years experience in natural resource management, with the Forest Service and National Park Service. She serves as an Environmental Coordinator and Wildlife Biologist for ACT2. Shelly holds a BS degree in wildlife biology and graduate certificate in NEPA. Shelly has held many different positions with the Forest Service and Park Service, and has a wide range of experience and expertise, including field biology, planning biology, Forest level Environmental Coordinator, GIS analysis and modeling, range management, visitor services, and integrated, interagency project planning . She has 7 years experience in Forest Service enterprising, and specializes in collaborative, integrated project planning, and all levels of interagency consultation. Shelly is a people person, and is highly skilled at successful interdisciplinary approaches to land management.


Canyon of the Ancients BLM SignDon Elder - Geologist

Don is a Geologist and GIS Specialist with ACT2. He earned a Bachelorís Degree in mathematics from the University of California, Irvine and a Masterís Degree in geology from Humboldt State University. Don has 18 years with the Forest Service and has extensive knowledge in geologic field mapping. Don is an expert in bedrock and geomorphic mapping. He has developed geodatabases in a GIS environment across vast Forest service lands in California (now used by the USFS). He has published papers on geology of the Klamath Mountains, convergent margin tectonics, gold mineralization, detachment faulting and landsliding. He also taught Environmental Geology at College of the Siskiyous.


Canyon of the Ancients BLM SignSharon Koorda - Budget Analyst

Sharon provides financial, analytical and budget services for ACT2. She has 20+ years of experience with the Forest Service.  Sharon has worked at the forest level for five years doing budget and financial management tracking. She joined ACT2 this year, to provide internal and external financial services.  Sharon has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology and spent 15 years as a Forest Service hydrologist.  Her career has provided her with a comprehensive natural resources management background which includes: experience in water quality monitoring across the watersheds; district level NEPA earth science analyses for projects; Cumulative Watershed Effects analyses; river adjudication (forest representative for an inter-regional and out-of-state project); as a HazMat Coordinator; member of a Regional Fire Dispatch Team;  details as the Forest Civil Rights Officer, Forest Budget Officer, and as the Forest Appeals and Litigation Coordinator. 

Contact: 530-643-1417

Canyon of the Ancients BLM Sign

Mark Reichert - Hydrologist

Mark is a Hydrologist and GIS Specialist with ACT2 Enterprise Unit. He grew up in Ohio and earned a Bachelorís Degree in forestry from Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan in 1982. After graduating, he worked as a forestry technician in the Black Hills National Forest, then as a soil scientist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Colorado. In 1988 he moved to California to work as a soil scientist/hydrologist for the Klamath National Forest. In 2004 he started working with the ACT2 Enterprise Unit providing analysis expertise and other GIS and database skills (such as database design and mapmaking) along with expertise in hydrology, soils, transportation systems, and other aspects of forest management. He has served as a leader or member on many analysis teams including a role as team leader on a large, complicated analysis for a Forest-wide travel management project.


Canyon of the Ancients BLM SignGregg Bousfield - Hydrologist

Gregg Bousfield is currently on an extended 1-2 year detail with ACT2 as a Hydrologist.  He earned both a Bachelors of Science in Forest Hydrology and a Master of Science in Watershed Management from Humboldt State University.  He served as a Hydrologist for the Klamath National Forest for 3 1/2 years prior to the detail. He has also worked on the Almanor Ranger District of the Lassen National Forest as a Hydrologic Technician for 2 years.  His first Forest Service jobs were seasonal Forestry Technician positions for the Pacific Southwest Research Station (PSW) and Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS).  His job experience includes Water Quality analysis for Vegetation Management NEPA compliance, serving as Team Leader and writing Decision Memos for Road Stormproofing Projects, completing road sediment source inventories (RSSI) and risk assessments, completing Watershed Improvement Needs Inventories (WINI), developing Watershed Restoration Action Plans (WRAP) under the Watershed Condition Framework (WCF), Cumulative Watershed Effects (CWE) analysis and model development, developing and writing Grant Proposals and serving as Project Director on two EPA 319h Non-point Source Implementation Grants.

Contact: 530-493-1706

Canyon of the Ancients BLM SignAmy Torres - Wildlife Biologist

Amy has 12 years of experience in wildlife biology with the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service working on complex wildlife issues associated with renewable and non-renewable energy.  She serves as a Wildlife Biologist and Environmental Coordinator for ACT2.  Amy has a wide range of experience and expertise with the wildlife concerns that result from a variety of energy projects such as oil and gas, oil shale, CBM, and seismic surveys; wind, solar, and geothermal energy; as well as mining, surface minerals, and roads and pipelines, among others. She is also familiar with range and wild horse and burro management, and integrated, interagency project planning.  Amy is highly skilled at successful interdisciplinary approaches to land management and specializes in collaborative integrated project planning, and all levels of interagency consultation.  Amy holds a BS degree in wildlife biology from Humboldt State University.

Contact: 801-597-7633


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