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Francine Smith
Executive Officer

SanDee Attebery
Executive Officer

United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Enterprise

United States Department of Agriculture USDA Forest Service Enterprise Program


ACT2 Is Pleased to Offer the Following Services - If you don’t see it here, please call to inquire

Resource Assessment and Analysis

  • Geology - Geomorphic Mapping, Sediment
    Risk Assessment, CWE Analysis, Mine
    Rehab/Monitoring, Cave Mapping/
  • Wildlife/Fisheries - BA/BE, MIS
    Evaluation, Migratory Bird Evaluation, all
    levels ESA Consultation, Design Criteria
    Development, Habitat Inventory, Restoration
    Planning, Integrated Project Design
  • Hydrology - Watershed Delineation,
    Sediment Risk Assessment, Surface and
    Ground Water Monitoring, Water Quality/
    Quantity Analysis
  • Watershed - Restoration Planning,
    Inventory, Condition Assessment
  • Soils - Inventory, Assessment
  • Forestry - Inventory, Assessment, Planning
  • Roads - Inventory, Condition Assessment,
    Road System Analysis, Restoration Planning

System Analysis and Planning

  • Project Prioritization
  • Integrated Project Packaging
  • Public Collaboration and Education
  • Process Improvement
  • Proposed Action Development
  • Conservation Planning
  • Ecosystem Interactions
  • Project Prioritization
  • Spatial Modeling
  • Causal Loop Analysis
  • Sensing
  • Integrated Resource Approaches

Data Management

  • Data Entry
  • Data Compilation
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Data Integration and Interpretation
  • Resource Analysis
  • Mapping and Cartography
  • Advanced Spatial Analysis
  • Design and Maintenance
  • Purchase Card Tracking
  • Expenditure Reporting
  • Monthly Balancing
  • Accounting
  • Budget

Information Management

Public Education

  • Workshops
  • School Groups
  • Publications
  • Public Meetings


  • Technical Writing and Editing
  • Technology Transfer
  • Implementation Guides
  • Environmental Documentation
  • Handout Development
  • Mass Mailings
  • Legal Ads
  • Public Involvement Solicitation
  • Content Analysis and Responses


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