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Francine Smith
Executive Officer

SanDee Attebery
Executive Officer

United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Enterprise

United States Department of Agriculture USDA Forest Service Enterprise Program

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The mission of ACT2 Enterprise Unit is to assist Forest Service land stewards in developing dynamic resource management practices by providing innovative services and ideas that meet ever-changing criteria for land management decision making.

Our goal is to promote holistic program management within the Forest Service by integrating functional specialties through our diverse professional skills and collaborative approach.

System View

What Our Partners Say

“I have met the whole team and can say with confidence that they do have a systems view in what they do, are enthusiastic in how they interact, and find great joy in working with people and in the land. I also think that what they have is revolutionary and has the potential to be a real game changer for how watersheds are understood and managed”. – Bob Wiebe, Modeling and Simulation Operations Analyst, Boeing Co. Research and Technology


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