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Enterprise Program
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United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Enterprise Program

United States Department of Agriculture USDA Forest Service Enterprise Program

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Updated April 2015

Enterprise Program

Laura Nance, Acting Director - 909-382-2613



Above and Beyond Ecosystems

Ecosystem restoration, development and analysis / conservation biology projects, long-term monitoring, developing web-based EcoMatch site

Tim Holden 208-382-6934


Watershed based ecosystem planning and management, biological & earth science analysis, GIS, mapping, database design

Fran Smith 530-493-1788

Adaptive Management Services

Ecosystem management support and data analysis, fire management and administrative services

Charles 'Kenton' Call 435-691-0768

Creative Conflict Resolution

Mediation, group conflict resolution, conflict coaching and consultation, team development & transition, facilitation, training

Melissa Marosy 530-406-0300

Digital Visions

Information technology product development, support and training

Tracy Bieler 406-466-5198


Enterprise Technical Services

Engineering and recreation innovations for public lands managers. Driven by your mission to help you.

Lisa Whitcomb 414-332-0871

Heritage Stewardship Group

Historic preservation, cultural resource interpretation and enhancement services

Paul Claeyssens 541-383-5540,
cell 541-480-4795

Organization Development Enterprise

Organizational solutions including facilitation, change management, team building, leadership development, web presence strategies, social network analysis, and systems dynamics.

Tim Holden 208-382-6934

Safety Systems Enterprises

Support in Aviation System Safety: mishap investigation, program risk assessment, safety data analysis, safety training, site reviews, regulatory review, developmental planning/flight operations, human factors/performance analysis, associated training

Gary Morgan 414-339-8479


Environmental planning, pre-NEPA and NEPA Analyses, project implementation, quality assurance

Joshua Wilson 559-920-3662

Trails Unlimited

Interactive trail training, consultation, construction, trail bridge design and engineering, mentoring

Chris Murphy 661-345-3577

Vegetation Management Solutions

Ecosystem management and advanced data technology

Lauren Payne 530-258-5414

Independent Resources

Business plan development, implementation and training

Laurie Thorpe 503-803-7942
Stan Helin 520-760-2306

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