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What practical techniques and materials enhance building quality and durability?

Photo of a tri-colored tile bathroom.

The durable materials in this
restroom ensure that it will
remain attractive and easy to
maintain for many years.

Forest: Colville
District: Republic
Region: 6

Materials and equipment are often chosen because they look good or are inexpensive. These attractive or inexpensive materials may have high upkeep costs or wear out quickly. A better long-term strategy is to keep durability and long-term costs in mind when selecting construction materials and equipment. Before selecting materials or equipment, ask yourself:

Budgets usually don't allow purchasing "the best money will buy". Check out the information in Incrementally Greener—Improving Sustainability Over Time Through Operations and Maintenance (Optional link for FSweb users) for cost-effective methods to improve the quality and durability of existing buildings.

When designing new buildings, include as many of the following ideas as practical to improve the durability and quality of the building: