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All Forest Service buildings and sites must provide some level of security for employees and the materials, equipment, and supplies they work with. Anyone who has visited more than one Forest Service site realizes that the same level of security isn't appropriate everywhere. As a result, there's no one "right answer" to Forest Service security.

This section of the toolbox provides information to help you determine what level of security is needed and how that level of security can be achieved.

Security Topics

Photo of a USDA Forest Service sign.
It's important to provide the right
level of security at all Forest Service
sites, including the historic Ninemile
Ranger Station in rural Montana.

Forest: Lolo
District: Ninemile
Region: 1

What is physical security and why is it important?

What level of security is required for Forest Service buildings and sites?

What devices and methods are available to provide security for buildings and sites?

Should we have a building security plan?

What else should I know about physical security?

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