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This section of the facilities toolbox is designed to help you make the most of your resources to provide high-quality quarters for your unit's employees, and to manage the quarters effectively. The links below address the most common concerns of facility managers.

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 Photo of a family housing duplex.

Powell Ranger Station duplex.

Forest: Clearwater
District: Powell
Region: 1

Why is the Forest Service in the landlord business at some locations?

Taj Mahal or Dogpatch: What are the standards for housing?

Where can I get funding to maintain and improve our quarters?

How do we determine quarters rental rates?

How do I use the Government Quarters Inventory form?

How are quarters rental fees collected?

What information do we have to provide renters?

What are the requirements for accessibility in Forest Service quarters?

We're overflowing. How can I provide more quarters?

When quarters are limited, how should we decide who gets them?

How do I handle problems with renters?

What happens when quarters become suddenly uninhabitable?

Clarification of Instructions For Government Quarters Inventory

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