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This section of the facilities toolbox provides information to help you manage historically significant facilities. The topics below address the most common concerns and provide links to detailed information.

Historic Facilities Tools Topics

Photo of a picnic builiding

Twin Lakes Recreation Area Picnic Pavilion, constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Forest: Allegheny
District: Bradford
Region: 9

What is a historic facility?

Do historic facilities have special requirements?

How do I address historic facilities in the Facilities Master Plan?

How do I address historic facilities in the Preliminary Project Analysis?

How do I make historic facilities accessible?

How can historic buildings be made more sustainable?

What is required to upgrade or remodel a historic facility?

What if we no longer need a historic facility?

What if we don't need a historic facility now, but plan to use it later?

What if we want to tear down a historic facility?

Where can I find technical information?

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