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The Build or Lease Analysis will help you determine whether it will be more cost effective to lease or construct your new facility.

Build or Lease Topics

Photo of a leased office building.

Walden leased office space.

What Needs to be Done Before Deciding Whether to Build or Lease:

  1. Complete or update your Facility Master Plan. Need help? Visit the FMP Toolbox.

  2. Complete a Preliminary Project Analysis (PPA) and identify alternatives. Need help? Visit the PPA section.

Why Do We Need To Use OMB Circular A-94?

When Do I Need To Use A-94? For a quick way to determine the financial alternatives, check out the "Users Guide to the Facility Lease, Purchase, or Construction Spreadsheet".

OPTION 1: Leasing a Building

What written documentation is needed to justify leasing?

Who Has The Responsibility When Evaluating a Leased Facility?

How Do I Coordinate For a Leased Facility?

What Considerations Need To Be Made When Looking For a Leased  Facility?

What Are the Technical Requirements That Need To Be Met?

What Is the Lease Process Before Occupancy?

OPTION 2: Building a New Facility

Who Bears the Responsibility When Constructing a New Facility?

How to Accomplish the Design and Construction Process

Developing a Project Prospectus

What Should the Design Process Consist Of?

References and Examples


Example Of High Desert Interagency Partnership Lease-Purchase Analysis

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