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Program Areas

Data Input to GIS
The Integration of Remote Sensing program was established to develop procedures and guidelines for integrating remote sensing and GIS technologies to collect and manage resource data. Leadership, direction, and funding for this program are provided by the Remote Sensing Steering Committee. Through this program, several successful development projects have been completed, numerous briefings and workshops have been conducted, and a video and manual of guidelines describing the integration of remote sensing and GIS were recently produced.

The Liaison and Special Projects program is primarily responsible for evaluating, developing, and demonstrating the use of advanced remote sensing technology for a variety of resource applications. Through this program, technical support is being provided to Forest Health Protection, Fire and Aviation, Law Enforcement and Investigations, and other Forest Service staffs interested in using new remote sensing technologies.

Aerial Photography Training & Applications
The Training and Technology Awareness program provides training in the use of remote sensing and related technologies to support resource application. The training courses provide hands-on practice in applying aerial photography, satellite imagery, videography, digital camera imagery, digital image processing, cartography, and GPS. More specialized courses related to specific project needs and applications can also be developed.

Application Support & Training
The Operations program area provides administrative and technical support to all RSAC activities. This program provides technical leadership and support in program planning, budget preparation, technology transfer publications, and distribution of satellite imagery and other remotely sensed data with other Government Agencies. It also provides technical support for evaluation, testing, and procurement of related remote sensing technologies.

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