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Use only letters, numbers, question marks, exclamation points, and dashes.

  • Search words are used exactly as entered:
    • Two words with a space between them will locate an item that contains exactly "first word space second word."
    • If you search titles for "work tests," you will not find any documents.
    • If you search for "tests," you will find the document "Work Capacity Tests for Wildland Firefighters Test Administrator's Guide."

  • Plurals can be a problem:
    • If you search titles for "trails," you will not get documents with "trail" in the title.
    • If you search titles for "trail," you will get documents with either "trail" or "trails" in the title.

  • Author searches work best using just the last name:
    • A search for "Sharkey" returns all MTDC documents published by Dr. Brian Sharkey.
    • A search for "Brian Sharkey" returns no documents.

  • Year search is the four-digit year a document, drawing, video, CD or Web site was published or completed.

  • Keyword searches include words in the title as well as specific keywords. Keywords have only been assigned to MTDC documents since 1996:
    • Keywords are chosen using the CAB Thesaurus of technical terms for guidance.
    • We always include terms and spellings preferred by the thesaurus, but also include standard American spellings and specialized terms that are not in the thesaurus.

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