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Tam, Ronald . 2006. Sheepherder Stove. 0651 1305P. San Dimas, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, San Dimas Technology and Development Center. 4 p.

This study investigated the fire-start potential of a sheepherder stove and determined which spark arrester mesh size minimizes the stove's fire-start risk. Hunters, outfitters, and other outdoor enthusiasts use sheepherder stoves to warm their wall tents or heat their food. SDTDC staff (we) used the Sheepherder Packer Stove from Cabela's for this study. A ¼-inch spark arrester screen size provides the best balance between ember reduction and optimal stove performance. A ½-inch screen size releases larger ember bits into the air and increases the potential to start a wildfire. A 1/8-inch screen size causes the soot to build up too heavily on the mesh, choking the exhaust in less than an hour, and smothering the fire in the stove. SDTDC staff recommends placing dirt on the steel floor of the stove to reduce the heat being radiated to the ground. This decreases the chances of a fire starting near the stove's base.

Keywords: Cabela, packer stoves, packers, sheepherder, spark arresters, stoves

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