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Facility Condition Assessment Form - Basic Buildings
Site Name:____________________________________ Bldg. Cat.:___________________________ Inspector Name:__________________________________ Entered During Inspection
Bldg ID #:_____________________________________ Bldg. Sub Cat:_______________________ Inspection Date:__________________________________ Entered During Inspection
Bldg Name:___________________________________ Maint Level: _________________________ Estimated Travel Time (Hours): _____________________ Entered During Inspection
Size (GSF):___________________________________ Date of Last Inspection: _______________    
CRV: ________________________________________ Historic Status: ______________________    
Year Constructed: _____________________________ Master Plan: ________________________    
Real Property Inventory Required: Yes/No
Work Item # 1st Level Work Items Typical Life Cycle (Yrs) Measurements     Cost Factors Maintenance Cost Reason 1 -Resource 2 -Mission 3 - H&S Date Needed (mm/dd/yyyy) Critical (If yes, check box)
  Quantity Units Cost/unit          
01001 Other Building Replacement, Complete N/A   LS            
02001 Site Improvements Parking Lot, Repair and Seal Coating 5   10 MSF            
02002 Site Improvements Parking Lot, Repair and Resurface: 10   MSF            
02003 Site Improvements Concrete, Sidewalk or Curb, Remove/Replace 25   LF            
03001 Foundation Concrete Slab or Stem Wall, Minor Repair Spalls & Cracks 15   SF          
04001 Roofing Basic Roof, Fiberglass Shingles, Removal and Replacement 20   SQ            
04002 Roofing Premium Roof, Metal/Membrane/Shakes, Removal and Replacement 30   SQ            
04003 Roofing Skylight, Remove/Replace 30   EA            
04004 Roofing Gutters/Downspouts, Remove/Replace 15   LF            
05001 Superstructure Steps, Exterior, Remove/Replace 20   STEP, EA            
06001 Exterior Closure Siding, All Types, Remove/Replace 25   CSF            
06002 Exterior Closure Door, Exterior, Remove/Replace 20   EA            
06003 Exterior Closure Door, Garage, Overhead Door, Remove/Replace 20   EA            
06004 Exterior Closure Painting, Exterior, Includes prep, prime and on coat paint 5   SF            
07006 Interior Construction Window, Remove/Replace 30   EA            
09001 Interior Finishes Painting, Interior Walls/Ceiling, Includes prep, prime, one coat paint 5   SF