North American Test of Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Forestry

Inventory and Monitoring Institute

Stephen Woodley, Greg Alward, Leonel Iglesias Gutierrez,
Thomas W. Hoekstra, Brad Holt, Ladd Livingston, Judy Loo, Andrew Skibiki,
Clinton Williams, Pamela Wright

Funding for this test in southwest Idaho was provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the USDA - Forest Service Office of International Programs and the USDA – Forest Service Research.


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  • IMI Report (excluding Appendix K), MS Word '97 format (6MB)
  • IMI Report (excluding Appendix K), zipped (4MB)
  • Appendix K (detailed C&I evaluations), MS Word '97 format (18MB)
  • Appendix K (detailed C&I evaluations), zipped (8MB)