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NEPA Services Group (NSG)
2222 W. 2300 St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84119
Phone: 801-975-3358

NEPA Services Group:
Customized Services
Staff Training & Coaching
Comment Processing
Tools and Software Support
Training Resources
Client Comments



We will work with you to identify specific project needs. In addition to providing formal staff training, we coach and mentor our clients throughout the public involvement process as they solicit, organize, and respond to public comments. We will work with you, beginning with a pre-work consultation to provide information about all of our products and services, and finishing with follow-up sessions to ensure successful project closure.

During training, we will install a public comment database on your system and train your staff to operate it with efficiency and accuracy. NSG can also train your staff on how to perform each step in the content analysis process. See the comment processing and reporting links for detailed descriptions of our services.



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