Many people have been responsible for the success of the Decision Protocol project. They have given their time unselfishly and waded through the revisions and the tribulations of the early development trials. These people continue to apply the Protocol to new problems and settings, to probe the weaknesses and discover the strengths, and to blend the art and science of decision making into the evolving culture of the Forest Service. These contributers to the Decision Protocol version 2.0 have left their mark as will future users who reflect on their decision making experiences and enrich future versions of this evolving set of tools.


The Core Development Group and principle authors of the Protocol include in alphabetical order Joy Berg, WO Ecosystem Management Coordination (EMC); Bill Bradshaw, WO Fire Business Management; Joe Carbone, WO EMC Coordination; Cindy Chojnacky WO Communications; Scott Conroy, Supervisor Modoc National Forest; Dave Cleaves, WO EMC; Rhey Solomon, WO EMC; and; Susan Yonts-Shepard, WO National Forest System.

Members of the implementation group helped with substantive suggestions, organized and conducted the pilot tests, and have tested the Protocol in a variety of settings. These developers include: Tony Erba, Custer National Forest; Allen Fowler, Gifford Pinchot National Forest; Joan Friedlander, WO Wildlife; Al Murphy, Chelan District Ranger, Wenatchee National Forest; Tom Ratcliff, Modoc National Forest; Howard Sargent, Environmental Coordination, Region 2; David Sire, Environmental Coordination, Region 3; Jim Smalls, Ranger, Lee RD, George Washington National Forest, Curt Spalding, Environmental Coordination, Payette National Forest; Vic Starostka, Chugach National Forest; Allison Stewart, WO Legislative Affairs; Bill Supulski, Malheur National Forest; Diane Weaver, Grand Mesa-Uncampagre National Forest.


Others who have contributed to the project through review or other forms of support include: Dick Carpenter, Robin Gregory; Owen Schmidt; John Oakes; Julia Riber; Diana Menapace; Steve Williams, Fred Norbury, Dick Lindenmuth, and Art Briggs.

We owe special thanks to Jack Ward Thomas, former Chief of the Forest Service and Gray Reynolds, former Deputy Chief National Forest System for funding the project in its early years. We also thank Mike Dombeck, Chief of the Forest Service and Bob Joslin, Deputy Chief for NFS for continuing their financial and moral support. We also thank the many Regional Foresters and Forest Supervisors who allowed us to experiment and develop the Protocol on "live" problems with real ID teams and the NEPA Coordinators in each of the Regions who thoughfully reviewed earlier drafts and made pilot testing successful. We are sure that the foresight of these leaders will bear fruit and enhance the credibility of the Forest Service.

National Forests who have been pilot development sites and have contributed to the effort in other ways deserve many thanks. Their Forest Supervisors, district rangers, and ID teams endured many sessions and contributed many improvements. They represent the final user of this tool; they actually make decisions happen.






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Santa Fe

Texas National Forests





The following members of the Protocol core and development team are available to answer questions about the Protocol and to assist you in applying it to your decision situation.

Name e-mail Phone Fax
Berg, Joy jberg/wo 202.205.1277 202.205.1012
Bradshaw, Bill bbradsha/wo ?????
Carbone, Joe jcarbone/wo 202.205.0884 202.205.1012
Chojnacky, Cindy cchojnacky/wo 202.205.1596
Cleaves, Dave dcleaves/wo 202.205.1559 202.205.1012
Conroy, Scott sconroy/???
Erba, Tony aerba/r1,custer 701.842.2393 701.842.3008
Fowler, Allen ????
Menapace, Diana dmenapace/r2 303.275.5156 303.275.5075
Murphy, Al ajmurphy/r6pnw,


509.682.2576 509.682.9004
Ratcliff, Tom T.Ratcliff/???

530.233.5811 530.233.5817
Sargent, Howard hsargent/r2,arnfpng 970.498.1201 970.498.2759
Sire, Dave dsire/r3 505.842.3214 505.842.3457
Smalls, Jim jsmalls/r8,gwjeff,lee 414.297.1371 414.297.3127
Solomon, Rhey rsolomon/wo 202.205.0939 202.205.1012
Spalding, Curt cspalding/r4,payette 208.634.0744 208.634.0744
Starostka, Vic vstarostka/r10,


907.747.6671 907.747.4331
Stewart, Allison astewart/wo 202.205.1261
Supulski, Bill bill supulski/r6pnw,


541.575.3000 541.575.3001
Weaver, Diane dweaver/r2,gmug 970.242.8211 970.242.8211
Yonts-Shepard, Susan syontssh/wo 202.205.1519 202.205.1758