Climate Change in the 21st Century: Challenges for the Practice of Environmental Dispute Resolution
Wednesday, May 21, 2008, 3:30pm 5:00pm

Michael Elliot - Georgia Institute of Technology, City and Regional Planning Program
Ona Ferguson, MA - Consensus Building Institute
Ric Richardson - University of New Mexico

Track: Matching the Process to the Problem: Navigating Process Choices

Climate change will bring new challenges to our field. Public lands will be targeted for fossil fuel development at the expense of natural and cultural resources. Growth will halt in some regions while development will skyrocket in others. We will fight over sustainable policies, how to access resources and how to develop (or conserve) resources. Who will pay for sustainable strategies and how will costs be distributed? Professionals need to ask: Who will constitute the public? Who will be the disputants? How will we identify the affected stockholders? What will be the effects on legitimacy of neutrals?

Primary Target Audience(s): ECR Practitioners/Attorney Mediators Government Staff (Federal, State, Local and Tribal)

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