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Tools Repository

The tools in this repository augment the capabilities of ArcGIS. Most of the tools were developed by members of Digital Visions.

Many of the tools are Freeware. The development of these tools has already been funded. We have tested the tools, but some only briefly. Some of the tools have limitations. Some of the limitations are documented, but some are not. These tools are provided "as is," without warranty or technical support. However, if you have any questions, problems, or requests regarding any of these tools, please let us know. But if it requires much of our time, we will ask for funding.

Tools that are not free, are Shareware and DVWare. These tools were developed by Digital Visions and their development has not yet been funded. Therefore we are charging for them in order to recover the cost of development, support and enhancements*. If you purchase one of these tools, it comes with technical support and a money-back guarantee.

The Shareware tools are free to try, but if you utilize these tools and work for a U.S. government agency, please contact us to make payment. The cost is on a sliding scale, depending on the amount of use and the complexity of the tools.

The DVWare tools are the same as the Shareware tools, but require payment before use.

*Our financial management only allows for making our tools available to Government Agencies (Federal, State, County, City etc).

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