Extend, or shorten, the length of underpass features (CFF code 145.)



UNDERPASS <RATIO <ratio> | LENGTH <length>> {cff_item.cff_item}




<RATIO <ratio> | LENGTH <length>> - how to change the length of the underpasses.


RATIO - the keyword used to specify that the underpasses will be scaled relative to their current size.


<ratio> - the ratio between the desired length of the underpasses and their existing length.  For example, to double the length of underpasses, specify a <ratio> of 2.


LENGTH - the keyword used to specify that the underpasses will be changed by a specific length.


<length> - the length to extend, or shorten, the underpasses.  A positive number increases length; a negative number decreases length.  Length is specified in map units.


{cff_item.cff_item} - the items in the AAT of the edit coverage that contain the CFF codes.


By default items CFF1 through CFF10 are used.





UNDERPASS runs from the ArcEdit module of ArcInfo.  It operates on the EDITCOVERGE.  The EDITFEATURE must be set to ARC.  Edits must be SAVEd before running UNDERPASS.


Only selected arcs that bear a CFF code of 145 will be processed.


Underpass arcs will only be modified if they connect on either end to one, and only one, arc whose CFF codes are identical, except the omission of the code of 145.


Underpass arcs will only be extended/shortened to the first node encountered.


If the arcs being modified are shorter than the NODESNAP tolerance, then the results may not be desirable.


The results from UNDERPASS will not always be desirable.  Where they are not the data may need to be edited manually.


To undo the modifications made by UNDERPASS just enter OOPS twice.





Arcedit: &run underpass

Usage: UNDERPASS <RATIO <ratio> | LENGTH <length>> {cff_items.cff_items}


1)  To double the length of underpasses:


Arcedit: select all

Arcedit: &run underpass ratio 2


2)  To increase the length of underpasses by 50 meters (assuming the coverage map units are meters):


Arcedit: &run underpass length 50