Assigns symbol value to each polygon in a coverage such that no two adjacent polygons are assigned the same symbol value.  Symbol values start at 1 and generally don't exceed 5.



POLYGONCOLOR <cover> {symbol_item}




<cover> - the input polygon coverage.


{symbol_item} - the name for the item in the <cover> PAT that will be assigned a symbol value.


If not specified the item is named SYMBOL.





POLYGONCOLOR runs from the ARC module of ArcInfo.


POLYGONCOLOR uses a C program (mincolor) that has been compiled for both Win2K and IBM AIX UNIX machines.





Arc: &run polygoncolor usage

Usage: POLYGONCOLOR <cover> {symbol_item}


1)  To assign a symbol value to each polygon in a vegetation coverage:


Arc: &run polygoncolor veg_cover