Remove points that are within a specified distance of linear features.



POINTREMOVE <in_cover> <out_cover> <arc_cover> <min_distance> {selection_file}




<in_cover> - the input point coverage.


<out_cover> - the name for the output point coverage.


<arc_cover> - the input arc coverage.  Points within a specified minimum distance of arcs are deleted.


<min_distance> - the minimum distance (in map units) of arcs within which points are deleted.


{selection_file} - the ARCPLOT selection file that identifies which points are to be considered for removal.


All points not listed in the selection file are retained in the <out_cover> and are not subject to removal.


If no selection file is specified, then all points are considered for removal.





POINTREMOVE runs from the Arc module of ArcInfo.





Arc: &run pointremove

Usage: POINTREMOVE <in_cover> <out_cover> <arc_cover> <min_distance> {selection_file}


1)  To remove points within 80 meters of roads:


Arc: &run pointremove kell_pt kell_pt2 kell_road 80