Calculate the Minimum Bounding Circle (MBC) that contains all of the features, or a selected subset thereof, in a coverage.



MBC <in_cover> <POLY | LINE | POINT> {out_cover}




<in_cover> - the input coverage.


<POLY | LINE | POINT> - the feature class for which the MBC is to be calculated.


{out_cover} - the name for the output polygon coverage that will contain the MBC.


If not specified, the definition of the circle is displayed but an output coverage is not created.





MBC runs from the ArcPlot module of ArcInfo.


Only selected features are processed.


MBC will not always find the true MINIMUM bounding circle.  In such cases a warning is displayed.





Arcplot: &run mbc

Usage: MBC <in_cover> <POLY | LINE | POINT> {out_cover}


1)  To create the MBC of the 2nd polygon in a coverage:


Arcplot: reselect poly_cov $recno = 2

Arcplot: &run mbc poly_cov poly mbc_cov


Where mbc_cov is the name of the output coverage.