modifies the Feature Attribute Tables (FATs) from multiple coverages so that they match each other.  What modifications are necessary is determined by the report created by COMPAREFAT.  Modifications may include creating feature classes, building feature classes, creating items, redefining items, and reordering items.



MATCHFAT <in_file>




<in_file> - the input report created by COMPAREFAT which details what modifications are to be made.





- MATCHFAT runs from the ARC module of ARC/INFO, ver. 7.2.1.


- WARNING!  MATCHFAT may yield undesirable results in some cases, so you may wish to make a backup of the coverages before running MATCHFAT.


- For example, MATCHFAT uses the SETITEM tool to redefine items, and SETITEM can lose item values if the new definition for the item is not satisfactory to store the item's values.  See REDEFINE ITEMS under MODIFICATIONS in DISCUSSION section.


- MATCHFAT uses ARC BUILD to create POLYGON and ARC feature classes.  If any arcs in the input coverage intersect each other, than the BUILD will fail.


- MATCHFAT will not build POINTs in a coverage that already contains POLYGONs, and vice versa, even if directed by COMPAREFAT.  The reason this is not done is that POLYGON and POINT FATs are both named PAT, and thus building one when the other already exists will delete the existing one.  Instead a WARNING is displayed.





PURPOSE - The purpose of MATCHFAT is to modify the feature classes of different coverages so that they match each other.  This can come in handy because some commands, such as ARC MAPJOIN, require that the feature classes being joined exist in all input coverages and have similar FATs.  What modifications are necessary is determined by <in_file>, the report created by COMPAREFAT.


Some of the modifications indicated by COMPAREFAT might not be desirable to you.  In this case, the lines that indicate these modifications can be deleted from the report before running MATCHFAT.


MODIFICATIONS - There are 4 types of modifications: create feature classes, create items, redefine items, and reorder items.


CREATE FEATURE CLASSES - Missing feature classes are created using ARC BUILD (for POLYGON, ARC, POINT, NODE, and ANNOTATION feature classes) and ARCEDIT CREATEFEATURES (for SECTION, ROUTE, and REGION feature classes.)


CREATE ITEMS - Missing items are created using ARC ADDITEM.


REDEFINE ITEMS - Differently defined items are redefined using the SETITEM tool.


SETITEM can switch between any data types.  However, an alphanumeric value assigned to a numeric item will result in a value of zero.  And if the width of the new definition isn't sufficient to hold the values, then truncation (with character items) or zero values (with numeric items) will result.


REORDER ITEMS - FATs with out-of-order items are reordered using ARC PULLITEMS.