Creates a contour-line coverage from an elevation grid.  Similar to CONTOUR command in ARC and GRID, but CONTOUR2 creates contours that are more consistent with the flow of the land.  For example, the contours following valley bottoms are less likely to be pinched off to form apparent sinkholes.



CONTOUR2 <in_grid> <out_cover> <contour_interval> {z_factor}




<in_grid> - the input elevation grid.


<out_cover> - the name for the output contour-line coverage.


<contour_interval> - the elevation interval of the contours to be generated.


{z_factor} - the multiplier needed to convert <in_grid> ZUNITS to the units of the <contour_interval>.


E.g. if the ZUNITS are meters and the <contour_interval> is in feet, then the {z_factor} is ca. 3.280840.


If not specified, 1 is used.





CONTOUR2 runs from the GRID module of Arc/Info.


CONTOUR2 uses other AMLs and a JAVA program.  The AMLs need to reside in a directory in your &AMLPATH, and the JAVA class files need to reside in a directory in your CLASSPATH environment variable.  For more information, see contour2.readme.