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  • Latitude: 40 25 18.25502 North
  • Longitude: 120 42 10.38467 West
  • Horizontal Datum: ITRF2008/IGS08
  • Elevation: 1456.848 meters Height above Ellipsoid
  • Receiver: Trimble NetR9 GNSS Reference Receiver
  • Tracking epoch (sec.): Measurement Interval at 5 seconds; Position Interval at 5 seconds
  • Trimble NetR9 Reference Station Firmware v 4.62


  • Contact Person: Tracy Keelan GPS Data Base Manager or Matt House GIS Analyst
  • Address: Eagle Lake Ranger District, 477-050 Eagle Lake Rd., Susanville, Ca. 96130
  • Telephone: (530) 257-4188
  • E-Mail: Tracy Keelan or Matt House


  • Data is in Rinex format
  • File name: where Sys=CAEL (California Eagle Lake); JJJ=Julian Calendar Day; h=alphabetic letter representing hour of day
  • Data is kept for one year before being removed from data storage
  • Operation is 24 hours, 7 days per week. File transfer occurs hourly, 5 minutes after the hour
  • Reference Base Station is operated by the USFS, Lassen National Forest, Eagle Lake Ranger District

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