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Graphic image of the USDA Forest Service shield logo.Kettle Falls, Washington GPS Base Station
(US Forest Service)

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  • Latitude: 48 36' 08.57693" North
  • Longitude: 118 03' 29.09902" West
  • Horizontal Datum: WGS 84
  • Reference Ellipsoid: WGS 84
  • Height: 494.49 meters above ellipsoid
  • Receiver: Trimble 5700; Zephyr geodetic antenna; Elevation Mask 10; Operating Hours 24 hours/ 7days
  • Tracking epoch (sec.): 5 seconds SYNC
  • Receiver antenna is mounted on a mast


  • Contact Person: Lisa Wolfe
  • Address: Colville National Forest, Three Rivers Ranger District, Colville National Forest, 255 West 11th, Kettle Falls, WA 99141
  • Telephone: 509-738-7700, Fax: 509-738-7780
  • E-Mail:


  • Hours of operation: 0500-2100 PST/PDT Daily
  • Data available in WinZip self extracting .EXE format. Extracted files are in receiver dependent Trimble .DAT and RINEX format. RINEX data logging since 12/22/2003.
  • Data can be downloaded only via WWW.
  • Data is kept on web site for 60 days. Contact Lisa Wolfe for older files.
  • DAT Filename: Kymmddhh.dat.EXE (K=Kettle y=year mm=month dd=day hh=hour in GPS time. EXE files are compressed and self extracting.) File length = one hour.
  • Rinex Filename: KETLdoys.yyo.EXE (KETL=Kettle doy=day of year s=alpha hour in GPS time yy=year. EXE files are compressed and self extracting.) File length = one hour.
  • Files are available 5 minutes after the hour

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