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SPECIES:  Pinus quadrifolia


SPECIES: Pinus quadrifolia
AUTHORSHIP AND CITATION : Esser, Lora L. 1993. Pinus quadrifolia. In: Fire Effects Information System, [Online]. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Fire Sciences Laboratory (Producer). Available: [].

ABBREVIATION : PINQUA SYNONYMS : NO-ENTRY SCS PLANT CODE : PIQU COMMON NAMES : Parry pinyon four-needled pinyon nut pine TAXONOMY : The currently accepted scientific name of Parry pinyon is Pinus quadrifolia Parl. [7,24,32]. It is a member of the subgenus Haploxylon, subsection Cembroides [2,26]. Lanner [15] reduced Parry pinyon to hybrid status, (P. x quadrifolia Parl.), based upon studies of needle number, resin canal number, twig hairiness, and stomate position. He concluded that Parry pinyon is the result of hybridization between singleleaf pinyon (Pinus monophylla) and a heretofore unrecognized 5-needle pinyon now named Sierra Juarez pinyon (Pinus juarezensis). There are divergent opinions among botanists and taxonomists regarding these conclusions. Perry [26] recognizes Parry pinyon as a separate species pending further studies. This paper will follow Perry's taxonomy. Parry pinyon hybridizes with P. monophylla and P. juarzensis. Lanner [15] also suggests that Parry pinyon crosses with P. edulis and P. cembroides. There are no recognized varieties, subspecies, or forms of Parry pinyon. LIFE FORM : Tree FEDERAL LEGAL STATUS : No special status OTHER STATUS : NO-ENTRY

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