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Other fire syntheses


Many other syntheses are available on fire effects. Several of these are listed below. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list. You can suggest additions by using the “Contact us” link on the FEIS homepage.

Wildland fire in ecosystems series
RMRS-GTR-42-vol. 1. Wildland fire in ecosystems: effects of fire on fauna
RMRS-GTR-42-vol. 2. Wildland fire in ecosystems: effects of fire on flora
RMRS-GTR-42-vol. 3. Wildland fire in ecosystems: effects of fire on cultural resources and archaeology
RMRS-GTR-42-vol. 4. Wildland fire in ecosystems: effects of fire on soils and water
RMRS-GTR-42-vol. 5. Wildland fire in ecosystems: effects of fire on air
RMRS-GTR-42-vol. 6. Wildland fire in ecosystems: fire and nonnative invasive plants

Other fire effects syntheses
Authors(s) Publication
Bartuszevige and Kennedy 2009 Synthesis of knowledge on the effects of fire and thinning treatments on understory vegetation in U.S. dry forests
Becker and others 2009 Characterizing lessons learned from federal biomass removal projects
Bury and others 2002 Responses of amphibians to fire disturbance in Pacific Northwest forests: a review
Dwire and others 2011 A guide to fuels management in riparian areas of the interior West
Elliott and Vose 2006 Effect on water quality: a synthesis of response regulating factors among contrasting ecosystems
Evans 2008 Synthesis of knowledge from woody biomass removal case studies
Evans and others 2011 Comprehensive fuels treatment practices guide for mixed conifer forests: California, Central and Southern Rockies, and the Southwest
Foltz and others 2009 A synthesis of postfire road treatments for BAER teams: methods, treatment effectiveness, and decision making tools for rehabilitation
Hood 2010 Mitigating old tree mortality in long-unburned, fire-dependent forests: a synthesis
Hunter and others 2007 A comprehensive guide to fuels treatment practices for ponderosa pine in the Black Hills, Colorado Front Range, and Southwest
Jain and others 2012 A comprehensive guide to fuel management practices for dry mixed conifer forests in the northwestern United States
Kennedy and Fontaine 2009 Synthesis of knowledge on the effects of fire and fire surrogates on wildlife in U.S. dry forests
Knapp and others 2009 Ecological effects of prescribed fire season: a literature review and synthesis for managers
Luce and others 2012 Climate change, forests, fire, water, and fish: building resilient landscapes, streams, and managers
Marshall and others 2009 Synthesis of knowledge of hazardous fuels management in loblolly pine forests
McCaffrey and Olsen 2012 Research perspectives on the public and fire management: a synthesis of current social science on eight essential questions
McIver and others 2012 Principal short-term findings of the National Fire and Fire Surrogate study
Olson and others 2011 Compiling, synthesizing and analyzing existing boreal forest fire history data in Alaska
Omi and Martinson 2010 Effectiveness of fuel treatments for mitigating wildfire severity: a manager-focused review and synthesis
Peppin and others 2010 Post-wildfire seeding in forests of the West: trends, costs, effectiveness, and use of native seed
Robichaud and others 2009 Emergency post-fire rehabilitation treatment effects on burned area ecology and long-term restoration
Robichaud and others 2010 Post-fire treatment effectiveness for hillslope stabilization
Sommers and others 2011 Fire history and climate change
Smith 2015 Strengthening syntheses on fire: Increasing their usefulness for managers
Werth and others 2011 Synthesis of knowledge of extreme fire behavior: Volume 1 for managers

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