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Outreach Employment and Public/Program OutreachResources

Employment Outreach Toolkit for Managers and Supervisors


This Employment Outreach Toolkit for Managers and Supervisors was developed by WO Civil Rights for the purpose of providing guidance and direction to managers and supervisors who need to fill a vacant position under the Forest Service Human Resources Management’ (HRM)  “Advertise and Fill” procedures for hiring under the merit system. 

The purpose of Employment Outreach is to identify skilled, diverse potential applicants; thereby providing opportunities for these individuals to apply for vacancies announced by the FS.  Employment outreach is not synonymous with Recruitment or notification (mass mailings) or program delivery outreach, and primarily supports the Forest Service HRM “Advertise and Fill” procedures. 

WO HRM is responsible for guiding managers and supervisors through the process to “Advertise and Fill” approved positions within the field unit’s Staff organization chart; including the scope of advertisement (internal/external government) to acquire the desired skill mix of applicants.

WO and Region, Station and the Area Civil Rights Director Staffs are available to guide and provide advice to managers and supervisors engaged in the HRM process to “Advertise and Fill” a vacant position by:
1.  Assisting managers/supervisors in identifying the current representation of the (national/local) workforce for the vacant position’s job series, and
2.  Assist in the development of a focused “Outreach Notice” distribution (Employment Outreach) strategy to under-represented minority, women, and persons with disabilities groups or communities. 

The Paramount Objective of the process to “Advertise and Fill” approved positions, the development of the “Outreach Notice” and Employment Outreach strategy for the position, is for:
1.  Managers and supervisors to first solicit interest in the position “pre-announcement”, and to
2.  Encourage a skilled and diverse applicant pool to facilitate equal employment opportunity in hiring under the merit system. 

This process is an integral part of the HRM process to “Advertise and Fill” vacant approved positions, and achieving a skilled and diverse workforce that reflects the public (Civilian Labor Force benchmark established by the 2000 U.S. Census) served by the USDA Forest Service.

Workforce Numbers

The following data tables compare the permanent workforce distribution within each Washington Office Deputy Area as well as their subcomponent staff areas to the civilian labor force and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) Federal Goal of 2% employment of persons with targeted disabilities.  On Table 1 for each Deputy Area, the workforce is further broken out by race/ethnicity and sex.  On Table 2 for each Deputy Area, the workforce is broken out by disability status. However, only the targeted disability category is compared with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Federal Goal of 2% employment of persons with targeted disabilities.  

Employment Outreach ToolKit for Managers and Supervisors

Employee Organizations

USDA Forest Service
Sanctioned Employee Associations


Name of Group



Dates FS Recognized

FS American Indian Council

Charter  recognition by USDA

Willy Ray Jr.
Region 6
Chiloquin Ranger District
Chiloquin, OR 97624

January 29, 1997

FS Hispanic Employee Association

recognition by USDA

Sandra Macias
Region 5
1323 Club Drive
Vallejo, CA  95492

January 13, 1993, modified 4/96

Assoc of People with Disabilities in Forest Service

Charter, Bylaws recognition by USDA

Gerald Smith
Region 9
Huron Shores Ranger Station
Huron Manistee NF

October 7, ‘93
Amended 8/4/94, 5/21/96

African American Strategy Group

AASG operating guidelines recognition by USDA

 Marlette Lacy
Region 2
740 Simms St.
Golden, CO 80401

November 18, 1992

Gay, Lesbian, Employee Advisory Council, GLEAC

Advisory Counsel recognition by USDA

Brad D. Harwood


Association of Christians Reaching Out in Service and Support ACROSS

recognition by USDA

Charlie Vaughn
1170 4th Avenue South
Park Falls, WI  54552

Not available


Asian Pacific American Employee Association (APAEA)


Mary Marrs and Liz Agpoa inquired on the  process for recognition by USDA


Mary Marrs and
John Kusano



Questions / Comments

Questions or comments can be directed to:

Robert Ragos
Diversity and Outreach, Branch Chief
(202) 205-0961,


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