Civil Rights Impacts Analysis Information
Forest Service
        Civil Rights Impact Analysis (CRIA)
        and Environmental Justice (EJ)

Civil Rights Impact Analysis (CRIA) is required for any major decision which has a significant social or civil rights impact. This includes both administrative and natural resource management decisions that potentially will impact employees or customers of our programs.

CRIA is a pre-decisional analysis that lays out for the decision-maker the potential social impacts of the decision on employees and customers, so that these impacts will be considered and appropriately mitigated as part of the decision-making process.

Environmental Justice work is being done under several staff areas within the Forest Service. The purpose of the website information and links is to share information and connect staffs with current contacts for guidance, direction, and assistance in various aspects of environmental justice work and assessment being done within the agency.

The following links will provide detailed information on how to prepare a CRIA and include EJ Assessment:
Additional Links:
Civil Rights Impact Analysis For Information Technology Infrastructure Study 4-27-04
Civil Rights Impact Analysis for Financial Management Improvement Project 10-8-04
Civil Rights Impact Analysis for Human Resources Business Processes Reengineering 7-14-04

National Headquarters Competitive Sourcing Website - HRM   
Environmental Justice NEPA, Environmental Analysis Forum Information
USDA Departmental Regulation 1010-1 - CRIA Requirements for Workforce Reorganizations  
USDA regulations that set the requirements for re-organizations including CRIA requirements.

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