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USDA Forest Service
Civil Rights Staff
Stop Code 1142
1400 Independence
Avenue, Southwest
Wash., DC 20250-1142

Tel (202) 205-1585

United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service.

Civil Rights

Mission Statement

To deliver a comprehensive and result oriented Civil Rights Program for customers while ensuring equality, justice, and full participation in Agency activities and programs. We achieve our mission through civil rights compliance, advocacy, and education.

Vision Statement

To be a model organization which is devoted to fairness and equality in Agency employment and delivery of programs.

Guiding Principles

  • We will do business in a fair, equitable, and neutral manner.
  • We will maintain the trust and confidence of our employees and customers.
  • We will improve in everything we do.
  • We value and understand that managing diversity is a high priority.
  • We will advocate open-minded and anti-discriminatory attitudes and behavior of all Agency employees and customers.
  • We will assist our leaders in meeting their commitment to equal employment opportunity and in facilitating effective delivery of Agency Civil Rights programs and activities.

In this role, the Civil Rights Staff serves as the focal point for:

  • Title VII — Employment Discrimination Complaint Program
  • Title VI — Federal Financial Assistance Programs
  • Persons with Disabilities Program and Reasonable Accommodation
  • Special Emphasis Programs
  • Compliance Reviews
  • Partnership & Outreach
  • Policy Development
  • Civil Rights Impact Analysis and Reporting


THE NO FEAR ACT, P.L. 107-174:

The Notification and Federal Employee Anti-discrimination and Retaliation Act of 2002 (The No Fear Act). Requires Federal Agencies to be accountable for violations of anti-discrimination and whistle blower protection laws effective October 1, 2003. The No Fear Act also requires each Federal Agency to post quarterly, on its public web site, certain statistical data relating to EEO complaints filed. To view USDA Forest Service statistical data click on the following URL. <http://www.usda.gov/nofear/fs>



Special Emphasis Programs

Special Emphasis Programs (SEP) are established to address the employment concerns of women and minorities and Individuals with Disabilities.  SEPs primary role is to ensure equal opportunity in the hiring, advancement, training, and treatment of underrepresented groups. 
The programs are established to improve the work environment by promoting and fostering diversity in the workplace through awareness and educating Forest Service employees (as well as applicants and contractors) value, understand, and celebrate social and cultural similarities and differences.
Several laws, Executive Orders, Public Law, Federal regulations, Presidential Proclamations and orders, and Supreme Court decisions have provided civil rights and Equal Employment Opportunity protections in America. They apply to all Federal employees and provide the statutory basis for the Special Emphasis Program observances.
                    EEO Poster

The Special Emphasis Program Manager (SEPM):
The Special Emphasis Program (SEP) Manager implements a national program of work to improve the cultural sensitivity, diversity, awareness, and skill development of the members of the workforce; conducts workforce trend analysis and works with leadership to identify and eliminate barriers to positive work environment; works to increase the groups' participation rates in agency programs and employment opportunities; and advocates the resolution of protected group issues as needed.
The SEP Manager also serves as the Partnership Outreach and Capacity Building Program Manager for specific protected groups related to several Land Grant Colleges and Universities, and SEP advocacy organization partners to implement: program and information outreach, employment recruitment, and coordinates among the Forest Service Director Staff program areas to provide technical assistance to underserved communities.
The Forest Service manages and implements six National SEP's: (1) Federal Women, (2)Hispanic Employment, (3) Disability Employment, (4) Black Employment, (5) American Indian/Alaska Native, and (6) Asian Pacific Island American Program. In addition in June 1990, USDA added  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered to the Special Emphasis Program. Three SEP's are mandated programs: (1) Federal Women's Program, (2) Hispanic Employment, and (3) Disability Employment Program.



Why Affirmative Employment?
EEOC to Release Draft Affirmative Action Guidelines
Federal Agencies Ponder Affirmative Employment Effect of Multi-racial Census Question


And Justice For All - Red
And Justice For All - Green
Complying with Civil Rights Requirements - Public Service Provider
Complying with Civil Rights Requirements- Partners



  • USDA Civil Rights Policy Statement
  • Forest Service Civil Rights Policy Statement
  • FY 2011 Forest Service Anti-Harassment Policy
  • Departmental Regulation 4300-6
  • Executive Orders
  • FS Meeting Facilities are Accessible

  • CRIA:

  • Civil Rights Impact Analysis (CRIA)
  • Civil Rights Impact Analysis For
  • Draft FS CRIA Guidance for Competitive Sourcing Planning Implementation Decisions  
  • Draft USDA Competitive Sourcing CRIA Guidance and CRIA Content   
  • National CRIA USDA FS Competitive Sourcing Program   
  • Supplemental CRIA PWD USDA FS Competitive Sourcing Program   
  • National Headquarters Competitive Sourcing Web site



    Limited English Proficiency (LEP)
    Please find below links to LEP-related information. LEP.gov promotes a positive and cooperative understanding of the importance of language access to federal programs and federally assisted programs. The Department of Justice Brochure regarding Limited English Proficiency contains valuable information for Federal Agencies and Federally assisted programs. The Know Your Rights brochure (available in multiple languages) contains information intended for Program Beneficiaries.

    LEP Web Site

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