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Defining the social context of climate change adaptation

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About The Presenter

Susanne Moser, Susanne Moser Research and Consulting, Santa Cruz, CA

About This Presentation

Running time: 26 minutes and 4 seconds

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Topics covered:

  • Shifting the Perpective
  • Enphasize Human Interaction
  • Human-Ecological Perpective
  • Three Themes
  • Community Wealth
  • Resilience and Community Wealth
  • What is Vulnerability
  • Vulnerability of Social-Ecological Systems
  • Vulnerability Graph
  • Socioeconomic / Ecological Conditions
  • Disturbance
  • Drivers
  • Biosphere
  • Actions/Responses
  • Adaptation
  • Limits and Barriers
  • Diagnosing Barriers
  • People
  • Framework
  • Diagnosing Barriers
  • Importance of Governance
  • Decision-Centered Approach
  • Communication and Engagement
  • Six Americas
  • Common Challenges
  • Engage the Public
  • Why is it Different
  • Friendly Communicator
  • Further Reading

Production by: Michael Furniss and Jeffrey Guntle, Communications and Applications, PNW and PSW Research Stations

Video by: Ben Nieves, Oregon Street Studios

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