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Adapting to climate change in National Parks

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Jill Baron, U.S. Geological Survey, Fort Collins, CO 

About This Presentation

Running time: 21 minutes and 43 seconds

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Topics covered:

  • Philosophy for Adaptation
  • Three Tenets
  • Meeting the challenge...
  • No action...
  • Northern Colorado
  • Some Shared Concerns...
  • Objectives for November 2010
  • Adapting to Climate Change
  • Coming to Terms with Uncertainty
  • Value Social Capital
  • Scientific Uncertainty
  • Imaginable Changes
  • Unknown Surprising Changes
  • Donald H. Rumsfeld
  • Approaches to Management Given Uncertainty
  • Short-term Options
  • Long-term Options
  • Set Priorities
  • Early Management
  • Which options can be implemented?
  • Influential Policies for Adaptation
  • NPS
  • Barriers to Adaptation
  • Overcoming Barriers
  • Of Interest

Production by: Michael Furniss and Jeffrey Guntle, Communications and Applications, PNW and PSW Research Stations

Video by: Ben Nieves, Oregon Street Studios

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