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The impact of climate change on fish diseases in Olympic Peninsula watersheds

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About The Presenter

James Winton

Winton moved to Seattle in 1986 to direct the fish health activities in the laboratory. During the last 10 years, the research team has grown to consist of more than 25 scientists, technicians, graduate students and visiting researchers working on the most important infectious diseases of Pacific salmon and trout including infectious hematopoietic necrosis, viral hemorrhagic septicemia, bacterial kidney disease, and whirling disease. The team makes use of the newest techniques in molecular biology (including cloning, sequencing, fingerprinting, monoclonal antibodies, DNA probes and the polymerase chain reaction) to conduct research in: 1) improving the speed and precision of detection of important pathogens of salmonid fish; 2) obtaining critical information about the epidemiology of fish pathogens; and 3) developing control strategies for reducing the losses caused by infectious diseases among populations of fish. Winton is an affiliate professor of fisheries at the University of Washington and has served the Fish Health Section of the American Fisheries Society as President and as Editor of the Newsletter. He is subject editor for fish pathology for the Journal of Applied Ichthyology and an editorial advisor for Diseases of Aquatic Organisms. He is a Certified Fish Pathologist, Canadian Fish Health Officer, U.S. Title 50 Inspector and serves on the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses, the American Type Culture Collection Advisory Committee, and the Fish Disease Commission of the Office of International Epizooties in Paris, France. He is an author of more than 85 scientific publications.

About This Presentation

Running time: 19 minutes and 49 seconds

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Topics covered:

  • Impacts on Fish Diseases
  • What Do We Know?
  • Why are Some Emerging?
  • Expectations
  • Examples
  • Klamath River Fish Kills
  • Dead Fish Lining the Banks
  • Pools of Dying Fish
  • Lesions in Fish Gills
  • Normal Gill vs. Parasite
  • Ichthyophoniasis
  • Fish Weilds
  • Heart Lesions
  • Heart Muscle
  • Sampling Sites
  • Infection Prevalence
  • Chena River Sites
  • Historical Yukon Temperatures
  • Role of Temperature on Disease
  • Stamina of Infected Trout
  • Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus
  • IHNV
  • Three Genetic Groups
  • IHNV in Western Washington
  • Re-emergence of IHNV
  • IHNV Phylogeny
  • Potential Impacts

Production by: Michael Furniss and Jeffrey Guntle, Communications and Applications, PNW and PSW Research Stations

Video by: Ben Nieves, Oregon Street Studios

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