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Climate change impacts on Pacific Northwest bull trout: lessons from the interior PNW

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About The Presenter

Dan Isaak

Dan Isaak is a fisheries research scientist at the Boise Aquatic Sciences Laboratory.

About This Presentation

Running time: 25 minutes and 25 seconds

This is part of a collection. See more from the Climate Change Short Course.

Topics covered:

  • Climate Change and Bull Trout
  • Less Precipitation and Runoff
  • Increasing Freqency/Extent of Wildfires
  • Bull Trout as a Climate "Canary"
  • Bull Trout and Climate in the Interior
  • Does Climate Affect Current Bull Trout Distributions?
  • Currently Suitable Bull Trout Habitat
  • Future Suitable Habitat?
  • Impacts Will Be Context Specific
  • Western US - Observed Trends
  • stream temperature and thermal habitats
  • Boise River Watershed
  • A Landscape Undergoing Change
  • Spatial Statistical Models
  • Boise River Stream Temp Models
  • Determining Change from 1993-2006
  • Changes in Mean Summer
  • '93-'06 Stream Temperature Changes
  • How Were Thermal Habitats Affected?
  • '93-'06 Rainbow Trout Habitat Changes
  • '93-'06 Bull Trout Natal Habitat Changes
  • Predicting Future Changes
  • Bull Trout Natal Habitats in 2056
  • Factors other than Temperature...
  • Post Fire Debris Flows
  • Brook trout invasions
  • Midwinter Floods
  • Summer Flow Reductions
  • Road Barriers
  • Are Populations Shifting in Space?
  • Central Idaho Study Streams
  • Monitoring Stream-Scale Distributions
  • Bull Trout Distribution Shifts
  • Are Distributions Shifting in Time?
  • Fluvial Bull Trout Migration Timing
  • Key Points
  • Resources for Climate and Bull Trout
  • US Forest Service

Production by: Michael Furniss and Jeffrey Guntle, Communications and Applications, PNW and PSW Research Stations

Video by: Ben Nieves, Oregon Street Studios

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