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Wildfire, invasive species, climate change and fish in the Pacific Northwest

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About The Presenter

Pete Bisson

Pete Bisson leads an aquatic research team at the U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station in Olympia, Washington. He worked as an aquatic biologist for the Weyerhaeuser Company for 21 years prior to joining the Forest Service in 1995. His research has included stream habitats and food webs, riparian zone management, and a variety of conservation issues related to aquatic ecosystems. He holds affiliate faculty appointments at the University of Washington, Oregon State University, and the University of Idaho, and has served on two National Academy of Sciences committees: one on Pacific salmon and the other on watershed management. Pete is currently vice-chair of the Independent Scientific Review Panel for the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, which provides guidance to fish and wildlife recovery in the Columbia River Basin.

About This Presentation

Running time: 25 minutes and 25 seconds

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Topics covered:

  • Wildfire, Climate Change, and Fish in the Pacific Northwest
  • Washington Climate Change Impacts Assessment
  • Increases in Extreme Hydrologic Events
  • Cool and Warm Season Scenarios
  • Methow River
  • Affected Fish Species
  • Wildfires
  • Invasive Species
  • Sol Duc River Valley
  • Increase in Soil Dryness
  • Fires Will Increase
  • Fire Severity Will Increase
  • Mountain Pine Beetle
  • Pine Beetle Damage
  • Adults Overwinter
  • Regional Impacts
  • Moisture Stress
  • Deschutes NF Fire
  • Fuel Treatments
  • Invasion from Spotted Knapweed
  • Shift in Aquatic Species
  • Invasive Plants
  • Russian Olive
  • Giant Reed
  • Himalayan Blackberry
  • Knotweed Varieties
  • Knotweed Image
  • Chambers Creek
  • Fire and Salmon

Production by: Michael Furniss and Jeffrey Guntle, Communications and Applications, PNW and PSW Research Stations

Video by: Ben Nieves, Oregon Street Studios

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