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Changes in Climate in the Northwest

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About The Presenter

Philip Mote, UW, Climate Impacts Group, Seattle, WA

About This Presentation

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Running time: 39 minutes and 34 seconds
Given: May 2008, Climate Change Short Course, Developing a Climate for Change
Online production by M.J. Furniss and J. Guntle, Communications and Applications, PNW and PSW Research Stations
Video by Pat McAbery

Topics covered:

  • Climate Impacts Group
  • The world Has Warmed
  • Global Annual Average Temperature
  • Compared the USA average...
  • Pacific Decadal Oscillation
  • Tree-ring based PDO index reconstructions
  • Science of climate change
  • Unequivocal evidence of warming
  • Toboggan Glacier
  • Summer Arctic sea ice extent
  • What is the "greenhouse effect"
  • Total Solar Irradiance Data (referred to SARR via ACRIM-II)
  • Understanding Global Warming
  • Regional Attribution
  • Ocean Warming
  • Trend in annual mean 1907-2006
  • Trends in snowfall equivalent
  • Is it what we are driving?
  • or what we do when we get there?
  • Temperature change
  • Precipitation change
  • Downscaling
  • regional compared with global climate model
  • Conclusions
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