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Treeline Response to Climate: Up, Down, All Around

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About The Presenter

Connie Millar, Sierra Nevada Research Center, USDA Forest Service PSW Research Station, Albany and Lee Vining, CA.

About This Presentation

Running time: 42 minutes and 22 seconds
Production by: M.J. Furniss and J. Guntle, Communications and Applications, PNW and PSW Research Stations

Topics covered:

  • Treeline Response to Climate
  • CLIMATE: The Bigger Picture
  • CLIMATE: The Current Picture
  • 21st Century Projections
  • Trends in the West—A Sampler
  • Droughts
  • Snowpack Melting
  • Glaciers
  • Forest Densification and Expansion
  • Forest Mortality
  • Wildfire and Climate Connection
  • Mean Temperature and Precipitation
  • Subalpine and Alpine Zones
  • Upper Elevation Forests
  • ...Go to Heaven
  • Premise
  • General Subalpine Forest Infilling
  • Gaylor Park and West Flank Mount Dana, Yellowstone National Park
  • Treeline Zone Infilling
  • Tree Dates
  • Colonization of Formerly Persistent Snowfields
  • Primary Response Is to Rising Temperature
  • Colonization of Subalpine Meadows
  • Episodic Colonization: 1945 - 1976
  • Meadow Colonization Is Readily Reversible
  • Change in Form and Growth
  • Mild and Harsh Conditions
  • Flag Development Is Also Episodic
  • Stem Growth
  • Change in Drought and Insect and Disease Effects
  • Death Dates
  • Change in Genetic Diversity and Adaptation
  • Change in Subalpine Zone Fire Relationships
  • Change in Aspect
  • Ages of Individual Trees
  • Differential Shifts in Elevation
  • Deadwood Stem Dates
  • Deadwood Species
  • Differences Modeled Between ...
  • Differential Shifts in Elevation
  • Highest Elevation Sites, High Densities Limber Pine
  • Shifts Down in Elevation With Warming and Drying
  • ... Recruiting Below Lower Treeline
  • Other Examples
  • Synchronous Shifts Up in Elevation With Warming
  • Just a Note...
  • Responses Often Show ...
  • Subalpine Forests Respond Complexly to Climate
  • Pikas
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