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Climate Change Impacts on the Pacific Northwest

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About The Presenter

Nathan Mantua, Climate Impacts Group, University of Washington

About This Presentation

Running time: 48 minutes and 58 seconds.
Given: R6 USFS, Aquatic Program Managers Meeting, Hood River OR, June 20, 2007
Production by: M.J. Furniss and J. Guntle, Communications and Applications, PNW and PSW Research Stations

Topics covered:

  • Climate Change Impacts on the Pacific ...
  • Earth's Radiation Budget and the Natural ...
  • Changes in Greenhouse Gas Concentrations From Ice Cores ...
  • Greenhouse Gases are Long-Lived...
  • Changes in Temperature, Sea Level and ...
  • Scenarios for Future Temperature Change
  • Projected Patterns of Precipitation Changes (2090-2099)
  • Shift in Pacific Storm Track
  • 21st Century PNW Temperature Change Scenarios
  • Comparison of Observed Year-to-Year Variability
  • The Main Impact: Less Snow
  • Springtime Snowpack Will Decline in the Warmest Locations
  • The Coldest Locations Are Less Sensitive to Warming
  • Simulated Changes in Natural Runoff Timing ...
  • The Hydrologic Sensitivity to Warming Varies
  • Impacts on Terrestrial Habitats
  • Potential Impacts on Vegetation
  • Mountain Pine Beetle
  • Changes in Fire Frequency in the Western United States 1960-2003
  • What Can We Expect?
  • Potential Impacts on Wildlife
  • Effects on Tributary Habitat for fish
  • Projected Loss of PNW Salmon Habitat...
  • Egg Incubation—Fry Emergence
  • Spring/Summer Rearing
  • Overwinter Survival
  • Mainstem Columbia River: Observed..
  • Shifts in Natural Runoff Timing Will ...
  • A Plausible Warming and the 21 Degrees
  • Exotic Species Sightings off the BC...
  • Upwelling Food Webs in our Coastal Ocean
  • Upwelling in a warmer future?
  • Climate Change Impacts on Salmon Summary
  • International Security Advisory Board Recommendations (2007)
  • What Were These Channels Like?
  • Incised Channel Conditions Today
  • International Security Advisory Board Recommendations
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