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Climate Change Impacts on PNW Forests

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Jeremy S. Littell, JISAO CSES Climate Impacts Group, University of Washington

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Running time: 31 minutes and 21 seconds
Given: May 2008, Climate Change Short Course, Developing a Climate for Change
Online production by M.J. Furniss and J. Guntle, Communications and Applications, PNW and PSW Research Stations
Video by Pat McAbery

Topics covered:

  • Climate Impacts on PNW Forests
  • As temperature increases, potential evapotranspiration increases
  • What can we learn from the past?
  • Species distribution and climate
  • Climate variability affects tree regeneration at decadal scales
  • Climatic change and establishment
  • Mapping future species for forest management decisions
  • Climatic variability and tree growth
  • Carbon storage and sequestration in PNW temperate Forests
  • Climate and fire
  • Regional fire episodes and climatic change
  • Fire and climate relationships
  • PNW area burned 1916-2007
  • Future wildfire?
  • Climate change and forest insects
  • Why temperature increase releases mountain pine beetle populations in B.C.
  • Mountain Pine Beetle and adaptive seasonality
  • Implications for vegetation management
  • Infrastructure, planning, and projects
  • Regional sources of forest climate impacts information and science
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