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Anticipating climate-change induced biome shifts for military installations.

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Anticipating climate-change induced biome shifts for military installations

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About The Presenter

James Westervelt, US Army Corps of Engineers. Presentation given by William Hargrove, USDA Forest Service, EFETAC

About This Presentation

Running time: 13 minutes and 26 seconds

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Topics covered:

  • Anticipating Climate Change Biome Shifts for Military Installation
  • Overall Challenge
  • How and When Will Ecosystems Shift?
  • Approach
  • Ecosystem Drivers
  • Develop Global Driver Maps
  • Scenarios
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Results
  • Correlate Clusters with Ecosystems
  • Clusters with Spatial Overlay
  • PCM-Model B1Scenario
  • Hadley Model A1 Scenario
  • Current Illinois GAP
  • 2050 Illinois Gap PCM A1
  • 2100 Illinois Gap PCM A1
  • Current Illinois TNC
  • 2050 Illinois TNC PCM A1
  • 2100 Illinois TNC PCM A1
  • Current E. Illinois Similar
  • 2050 E. Illinois HAD B1
  • 2100 E. Illinois HAD B1
  • Results for Military Installations
  • Sample GAP Ft. Knox
  • Sample TNC Ft. Knox
  • Sample Similar Ft. Knox
  • Forecasts to Future Ecosystem Maps
  • What's Next?
  • SIM Models
  • Forecast Information
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