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Understanding & Adapting to Climate Change in Aquatic Ecosystems at Landscape and River Basin Scales: A Decision Support Workshop for Integrating Research & Management

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Concern and uncertainty exist regarding the effects of climate change on aquatic ecosystems. Limited information has been available to guide management decisions but new analytical techniques and spatial data linked to downscaled climate projections could help. These tools provide high resolution information across broad areas, which may make it possible to consider management or restoration schemes under a range of climate scenarios. This workshop provides an opportunity for researchers and managers to begin exploring the utility of these tools.

Workshop objectives: Gather a diverse group of researchers and management professionals to focus on three objectives: 1) sharing current information regarding the effects of climate change on aquatic ecosystems, 2) presenting analysis tools that could assist managers in > addressing climate change, and 3) discussing management implications of climate change, the utility of existing tools, and future information and analysis needs.

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Applying climate information to decision making

NetMap as a tool for land management decisions 

NetMap as a Tool for Land Management Decisions  

Lee Benda, Earth Systems Institute

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